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Thread: Armasight Pro Drone mounting rail misaligned

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    Armasight Pro Drone mounting rail misaligned

    Last night after reloading some .204 we had a second attempt at zeroing the DP. Anyway due to battery failure session was aborted. Last time POI was about 6" left at 50 m so when adjusted the reticule was at the far left of screen.

    Back home replaced batteries and fine but concerned about bore sight alignement. Resorted to taking off quick release mount to try and reverse, however also decided to remove the attached scope rail which attaches to the quick release mount. Was not overly impressed by the quality of the mount and then noticed that the base mounting rail(which is fixed to the scope) appeared well off l the scope centre line, it looked about 1-2 mil off centre ie out by about 5 degress or so.

    This is attached to the scope body by 3 cap screws with two approx 1/8 th x 1/4 long metal dowels.

    This was easy to remove and could not believe what was underneath. The two holes for the dowels were clearly off the centre line and rather than been drilled looked like they had been made by a centre punch.

    We removed the dowels and then refitted the rail to the scope, it had obviously been miles out of alignement and may explain the zeroing issue.

    So its all reassembled ready for the next zeroing attempt this eve.

    I must say considering how much these bits of kit are the attention to detail for the rail mount is very poor. If we resolve either we will leave well alone or possibly re drill and refit the two pins in the correct position.

    Will post update .


    Its going on a custom built .204 with a low rail which is perfectly aligned to the action/bore so we know its not the rifle rail which is misalligned.


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    Give Carl Moore back at night vision gear a call .... If anything just to ensure you don't void your warranty

    the guy very approachable & I got my issue resolved no questions asked.

    sure you would be no different

    are you ware the double AA battery packs are now avilable

    brilliant units. I think


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