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Thread: Ride on Mowers/Garden tractor

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    Ride on Mowers/Garden tractor

    OK knowledgeable members of The SD I would greatly appreciate any advice on selecting a new ride on mower/garden tractor. Need to cut about 2 acres of rough garden/orchard so it doesn't need to end up like a bowling green but want something sturdy and reliable which mulches the grass. Have been put off anything with a Kohler or Briggs and Stratton engine (I know the old ones were good but modern versions reportedly unreliable) so looking at a Husqvana with a kawasaki 18.5 hp engine. Have a budget of 2-3k.

    Any advice or recommendations from anyone who has recently purchased/used one of these much appreciated as I don't know much about them. Oh and it is shooting related because I bag lots of bunnies on this bit of land!!

    Many thanks


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    Unless you want to spend 3+ hrs cutting 2 acres I would not look at sit on mowers.
    You would be better of with an old gang mower pulled round either by a decent quad or 4x4

    will take no more than 1 hour for 2 acres with a pull 3 way gang. Only pain is cutting around trees may be a pain if most of your 2 acres is trees. Gang are great for open grass

    UK Guy

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    Etesia make some good stuff. I have one, might be worth a look.


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    I do a couple of acres with a paddock mower behind a little red Ferguson 35. Paddock mower is three blade and about 2 metre cut. It is like a refined topper; PTO driven, rides on four castor wheels which set the height and has a floating link on the three point linkage. Very quick. Will cut long grass and if done regularly will give you a lawn.

    Only grunt is manoeuvring around the trees, look for a little tractor with power steering.

    Fergy was 1500 ish mower deck was 900 new 12 years ago.

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    Like your alternative thinking. UK Guy is spot on. OK I could buy a Kazuma Dingo for about 1400 or a Ferguson 35 but what do I tow behind it? where can I find a Paddock mower as Alantoo suggests?
    Thanks for your help chaps,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvie View Post
    Like your alternative thinking. UK Guy is spot on. OK I could buy a Kazuma Dingo for about 1400 or a Ferguson 35 but what do I tow behind it? where can I find a Paddock mower as Alantoo suggests?
    Thanks for your help chaps,
    Mine came from Patrick Edwards who is Fairford / Lechlade way. He has a website I think.

    The make is Coroni or similar...Italian.

    The other advantage of the little tractor system of course is you have that with its hydaulics for all your log splitting, powered wheelbarrow, back actor, tipping trailer, forend loader, the number of justifiable toys is endless!


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    I bought a John Deere LR135 about 4 years ago and its been excellent, not sure where the briggs and stratton issue you mention comes from as all the B&S engines I have have been faultless.

    I cut around 3 arcres and it is excellent.

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    If the ground is uneven then I guess a topper it is as the castors on the others will either try to drag it off line of get damaged. Our field is uneven and actually cracked the steel frame of a Westwood Gazzelle mower. So now we have a old compact tractor with new 1m topper. The tractor is more comfortable due to having decent size wheels and tyres to deal with the uneven ground and actually uses less fuel than the Westwood did. Also takes less time too.

    Problem is that a proper compact tractor is not cheap and one has to lock them away or they will go missing. As later we hope to also get a rotorvator to fit on the back we got a 4WD model but it's normally used in 2WD.

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    I would be looking for a second hand scagg mower from eBay for that money. They're walk (run) behind but you can get a seat that goes behind it. That or an etesia as someone else said. They were fantastic in the really rough stuff.

    I would stay away from husky at any rate. They're terrible mowers. You're only paying for the name and I don't know why it's valuable.
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    I use a John Deere LT166, It looks after my 3 acres fine using a mulching head. Takes 2/3 hours but quite fun. Head phones and music.
    Or I use the local farmer with a dozen sheep.

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