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Thread: Basic Tracking Training/Tests

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    Basic Tracking Training/Tests

    We rescued a Long Haired Hungarian Vizsla in Oct 2012 from Hungary. She was approx 6-8 months at the time, she was in a 'kill shelter' but we have no reason to believe she had been miss-treated. I have been going some general gun dog training with her but unfortunately shes a gun shy. Tried introducing her gentle at clay ground to shotgun but unfortunately its not really working. It could be something that happen to her before we got her.

    Anyway, shes got a cracking little nose on her and lots of drive so I thought I might try and do some tracking training. I know there is still exposure to gunshot, but less so and its probably easier to manage.

    Any thoughts on what I could as some initial training/tests and to get a sense of whether or not she might have a nose for it or not?

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    Depends where you are based.BMH do tests either forest of Dean or in Cannock. Tony Lowry (cookingfat) is starting/started? in Hampshire

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    Sorry, in the first instance I was meaning just training I can do at home.

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    Hi Rob3014

    UKDTR UK Deer Track and Recovery

    You can see our tracking test standards
    something to work towards
    well done on getting rescue dog from Hungary
    and good luck in your training
    like to hear how you got on

    UKDTR. Deer track and recovery
    Free of charge and confidential service

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    Hi Rob , is this really a Long Haired Hungarian Vizsla or is it a wirehaired vizsla , would love to see pictures if it is a Long Haired Hungarian Vizsla
    if you fill in your location someone may be nearby to help you with your gun shyness

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    hi Rob , really nice thing you have done there , would also like to see a few pics , if she is a steady type of dog why not try going with some falconers , if she can hold a point and sit to flush it would be a nice way of working her and no gun shots !

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    Here are a couple of pictures of her. She's definitely a long hair not a wire hair. it's a genetic thing. the odd one can pop out now and again from either smooth or wirehairs. it's not a breed standard of course but she's a little eye catcher. it's likely due to a recessive setter gene being present in the breed.
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    Did you already have connections with Hungary or was it fairly simple to rescue a dog from that far away?.

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    Are u sure ur dog is gun shy? Gun nervousness can usually be overcome with the right training if u know wot ur doing. If it is geniunely gun shy then u will have problems

    I never think the clay ground idea is a very good way of introducing dogs to gunshot (but plenty of folk do it) dunno where ur based but possibly get ur dog looked at first by an experienced trainer (unless ur already an experineced trainer, in which case ignore everything i've said ) u really need to associate the gunfire with a really positive fun thing (walking or sitting bored near clay ground doesn't seem fun enough for me)
    Is she a mad keen retriever?

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    I've been on the UKDTR website before but I'm just looking for some basic training hints. I would be happy to commit to a formal course if she looks to have some instinct for it.

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