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Thread: Burris signature zee rings

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    Burris signature zee rings

    BURRIS SIGNATURE ZEE RINGS 30MM HIGH, Weaver Style, comes with zero inserts and +/- .10 inserts for both front and rear rings, perfect condition, as good as Optilocks, wont damage your scope. 40 posted

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    I have just joined and have seen your advert for BURRIS SIGNATURE ZEE RINGS 30MM HIGH are they still for sale.
    I am looking for a High set for my Sightron the Burris No is 420585 and the distance from top of the rail to the center line
    would be 1.125"

    Thanks for your time


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    Hi, The ones i have are Burris no 420587 High, the 420585 you are after are extra high.

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