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Thread: Javalin Bipod

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    Javalin Bipod

    Does anybody own, have handled or seen one of these? Javelin Bipod - ultra lightweight magnetic detachable bipod would be interested to hear some owner/tester reviews of this product. Does seem a bit pricey? Could it be worth it (@ 250 inc adapter) for people with multiple calibre's/ rifles?



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    The product is 4 years old. In that time, until last week, I had never heard of it.

    When a product works well we all get to hear about it.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Not seen or tried this one, but the 'Magnetic' attachment puts me off I can imagine that failing at some stage, Harris or Atlas are the only 2 that will go the distance in my opinion, used both these makes (amongst others) and think the atlas has the edge due to quick release attachment & leg extensions therefore saving weight on rifle (they go in your pocket or bag) and the fact it can be forward loaded so upon recoil will not skip or snag..however you will need a rail permanently attached to the forend & unless I sell another kidney I won't own Harris it is.
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    For the guts of 300 are you having a laugh.

    Whats wrong with Harris?

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    I've seen and handled one, but not shot with one. They are lovely and light and seem pretty tough and although they seem very well made, I'm just not convinced they're worth the price.. yet.

    I found the cant adjustment knob a little difficult to tighten fully and although it fits nicely into your pocket, I'd prefer a way of being able to keep it on the rifle and folding the legs up during a stalk. It's not something you'd want to have fall out of your pocket. I also think the trekking pole style legs could do with either being spring loaded with set detents, or use a quick lock system rather than the twist lock system. Sure weight would suffer, but it would make for a more practical bipod for me.

    The concept is great and I do think it has potential as a quality alternative to the usual suspects, but I'd want to try one for a day to see how I got on before spending that kind of money on something that detaches so quickly and easily! I think with a few tweaks, it could be really good. But everyone has different preferences, so it may already be ideal for your needs.

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    I had a look at these yesterday and I do believe that they are worth it. 225 all in and not 250 or the guts of 300 by the way! The extra adaptors are 25 and as it's instantly detachable (once an adaptor is fitted) it does mean that you only need one bipod for all your rifles. The main advantage is the weight though which is a huge saving. Because of the design you're going to stalk without it fitted and that's even if you use a bipod for much of your shooting. This is a lot of weight off the front end of your rifle and therefore removing the balance issues that we all complain about which is approx 350 grams if you use a Harris or something similar? (the weight of a light moderator!)

    I don't believe that the bipod is going to fall off as the magnet is up a tube so there is already a level of security without the magnet. However like I say, you're not going to stalk with it actually fitted anyway.

    The design also allows the rifle to swivel in azimuth therefore the shooter can track a deer without having to pick the rifle up and reset it.

    The guys at the stand have been developing it for 3 years so it's only just become available for sale by the way!

    I will be getting one because I hate having a bipod weighing down the front of my rifle when I'm stalking and this is a great solution to the problem.

    I'm nothing to do with the company by the way but come my next Birthday I will hopefully own one of these (if I'm good between now and then that is)?


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    just way to over the top and trying to solve a problem that doesnt really exist

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    Reinventing the wheel, someone will buy one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sir-lamp-alot View Post
    just way to over the top and trying to solve a problem that doesnt really exist
    But the problem very much does exist. Just like moderators ruin the balance of a rifle so do bipods. I would much rather have a bipod in my pocket than on the rifle all the time and especially when les than 20% of my shots are from a bipod and at this time of year it's probably less than 10%.
    All those people wanting advice on light weight moderators tells me that front end weight is very much a problem!
    I also find that bipods are constantly snagging on my clothes whilst I'm carrying a rifle but maybe that's just me?
    It's no skin off my nose whether people buy one or not but I was impressed and thought that I would let you guys know.

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    I like the look of them too. Will let you know how I get on when I've got one.

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