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Thread: Wilson Trimmer Power Adaptor

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    Wilson Trimmer Power Adaptor

    L.E. Wilson Case Trimmer Adapter
    Made by GES UK of Chelmsford, the home of Marconi.
    Now made on a bigger scale that will work on ALL L. E. Wilson Case Trimmers. (And others)
    For reloading enthusiasts who are tired of hand cranking their trimmer to trim cases.
    This adapter is very easy to attach, just unscrew the trimmer crank, and leave the nut in place screw the adaptor on and your away!
    This adapter greatly speeds up the case trimming process to about three hundred plus cases per hour.
    Allows reloaders to attach most battery powered screwdrivers, with a 1/4" hex fitting.
    Every piece is hand fitted by us to L.E. Wilson trimmer shafts to ensure a perfect fit.
    All adapters are made right here in the UK using precision machining equipment. With a hardened steel stem, and a knurled brass head, the stem is threaded into the head in case of the need to place another size thread on it.

    You are purchasing the Two Piece adapter as pictured.

    It is easy to install, simply unscrew the original crank, and screw this adapter onto the orginal cutter, tighten original nut to knurled holder.

    Most orders will be shipped within two/three business days. Please keep in mind that these are hand built and when stock get low it may be a day or so longer for delivery as they are built to a spec.

    NOW 11.99 INC 2nd Class Postage.

    Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies then go to marksmanuk

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    Gary Beechener

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    Yes please, send payment details please.

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    yes please, please pm payment details

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    Can i have some
    Official Sponsor to Team GB F Class

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    I'll take the last one. PM me your details please.

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    Gary, great idea.
    Could you advise if it is possible to use this with the micrometer attachment with out having to reset up, I know it's not particularly hard to do, but just would be interested to know.
    It would save a lot of time when forming my Vartarg case from 223 brass.

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    I see no reason why not, sent you a PM.
    Gary Beechener

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    Orders for the next batch being taken for Wednesday/Thursday postage.

    Price still the same
    Gary Beechener

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garybeechener View Post
    I see no reason why not, sent you a PM.
    Thanks Gary, pm on route back.

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