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Thread: DMQ DSC1 past paper info

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    DMQ DSC1 past paper info

    Hi all,
    Hope some of you can help a trainee stalker here

    I have recently downloaded the DMQ "past papers" from their website for some background studying for my DSC Level 1 and wondered if it's possible to find some of the answers for these to see how I'm getting on?

    I am working through the October 2007 Standard Questions, January 2008 Large Game Questions just now, but don't have my BDS manual with me at the moment for reference etc, and hoped there would maybe some good info online to assist?

    I have been researching this forum since joining and found some top notch info here, so keep up the good work fella's!!



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    There is a disc Deerquest that has most of the questions with answers. What you do is set yourself random tests. I don't know if it was upgraded so some of the questions are out of date. One change the answer to if you are offered homeloads, say no thankyou is the current answer.

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    Came across this, cant verify the info but looks interesting

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    Jesus that was quick!!

    Thanks for the Deerquest cd info jimbo, I'll try and get my hands on one of these for my travels.

    Out of interest are Deerquest anything to do with DMQ or affiliated to BDS/BASC/DCS etc?

    Cheers for the britishdeer link too Stringer, I must have missed this one (as well as deerquest) during my "googleathon" for DSC training info



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    If you do manage to get hold of a Deerquest CD beware that some of it is out of date, especially regarding the law changes that came in from October 2007 (extended doe seasons, .22 centrefires, shooting from vehicles etc etc etc) As far as I am aware there has not been an updated Deerquest since. The team that put Deerquest together doesn't exist any more.

    Good luck with the DSC1!


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    Hi folks,

    Just a quick post to say thanks to those of you who contacted me with offers of assistance etc regarding my initial query, you know who you are but special thanks to ash243 is in order for his assistance

    It's great to know that a relative newcomer both to stalking, and to the forum, is treated in such a positive way.

    Thanks again all, much appreciated


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