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    Grumpy muntjac

    I opened my account on Muntjac in great style at the beginning of April in Leicestershire thanks to my friend Angus. It was a novel experience to stand frozen twenty yards away from a clump of snowberry while two or possibly even three muntjac barked at us for what felt like a full half hour. The first view was a mobile body obscured by twigs, the second view was a doe about one hundred and fifty yards out who walked behind a tree and never came out the far side! Then there was more barking both near at hand and at the top of the wood. Having started in full daylight with loads of time to spare we were suddenly checking watches and the remaining light when we picked up what appeared to be a mature doe and juvenile follower in the centre of the cover. I spent the next twenty minutes in a lather trying to get into a firing position crawling through nettles and spending most of the time unsighted. Eventually I sat up against a tree trunk and had an intermittent view of the pair; all I could do was set the rifle on a clear spot and wait to see if one of them walked into shot. Well one of them did and she looked very small at about one hundred and fourty yards distance. I touched off and she disappeared from view. I was confident with the shot but apprehensive that there was nothing to be seen so we walked in quietly. There she was dropped on the spot . My first muntjac and my first reaction was she's tiny - I've shot bigger foxes!
    She was a juvenile and in calf . Against my glove and the mod on the rifle she is very small.
    Next morning found us on a neighbouring farm and within minutes a doe followed us into the place. She then did a uturn and obligingly stopped to take aview of us. But she wasn't that stupid - the backstop was the Hall ! So we proceeded to check out a few small covers with a view to finishing up in a block of clearfell where Angus said we would definitely do the business. In the meantime we would just take a last look round this hedge and there he was , a muntjac buck feeding his way through a cleaned off game crop. Setting up on the sticks I waited for him to pause and turn square on to me. Luck was with me and he dropped to the shot, so we walked in to examine our prize. The down side was that he was not as square on as I thought and the round exited well down the rib cage rupturing the stomach. The plus side was that I appeared to have shot Leicestershire's grumpiest muntjac buck- both ears are in tatters, his neck and head are scarred, both antlers are broken and one canine is sheared off half way.
    We never did get to that clearfell, we bumped into a juvenile doe on the way. I brought her into shot using a fox caller - I'm not sure if it was pure curiosity or if I did something right. So it was two stalks and three Muntjac - a memorable way to be introduced to Muntjac. I suppose I'll get my comeuppance next April. In the meantime I've got to do something extra special for Angus when he comes over for the fallow rut.

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    he was an ugly mug wasnt he ,looks like he,d spent his adult life fighting.good write up

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    Well done, he certainly had a hard life., nice write up too.

    Have to take your to the tough little survivors.

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    Crikey he looked like a right scrapper with the torn ears!! Looks like he ran into Mike Tyson!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stratts View Post
    Crikey he looked like a right scrapper with the torn ears!! Looks like he ran into Mike Tyson!!
    I think he was Tyson

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    He reminds me a bit of the old Zetor tractor - all the unnecessary bits fall of or are broken off, but the engine still runs! Or perhaps a senior hunt terrier with all his battle scars.

    One observation - out of 6 muntjac 5 were buggers to skin, the exception being a doe with some subcutaneous fat. Is this usual?

    I've uploaded some pics of the boiled out skull. The damage under his right eye was slighltly accentuated by the boiling. My friends dog got at the jaw!

    The pic of the skull in the skin shows a very enlarged gland under the right eye which I presume correlates with the skull damage.

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    Well done, Waidmannsheil!
    His bodyshape makes him look like an old bugger, his teeth tell a different story, dont they?
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    According to my tooth ageing chart he was well over 80 weeks old but how much older I have no idea,

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    I agree that there doesnt appear to be the amount of wear you would attribute to an old animal. All I can say is that he had a fully formed mouth compared to the buck my friend shot- also the jawbone is longer. My experience of handling Meath reds over the years showed that on good grazing, tooth wear was nothing like as pronounced as the hill equivalent . I was wondering if Muntjac are not exposed to the sort of feeding that accelerates tooth wear ? Leicestershire looked quite attractive in that respect. His pedicles look quite solid and on close examination the left pedicle shows signs of forking at the base prior to breaking.


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