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Thread: Proud of him

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    Proud of him

    BBC Breakfast news.
    Took some nads to do this...good on the lad

    not sure how to put the video on here ...
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    Thanks for putting this up Limulus. Went off and looked up the charity, did a bit of reading. Seems they have some basic key differences in their approach that is obviously very effective for a lot of people.

    It must certainly have took some resolve to sit there and be interviewed on the subject.

    Interesting comment at the end along lines of "You have to want to be happy."

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    I've noticed Combat Stress getting recent BBC media time as well. Nice to see awareness being raised - both from the perspective of support; money and otherwise, and in the way that improving knowledge/ awareness potentially helps sufferers.

    Major Hunter covered the 'attitude' to such issues in the military and their effects rather well in his book auto-biographing his time in EOD and beyond. As has Hugh Mcmanners and no doubt others I just haven't happened to read.

    Taking nothing away from H4H and others, sometimes the sector gets a bit crowded in terms of the share various organisation get of public attention. Its a huge dilemma - because how can you pick and choose amongst outfits addressing real needs?

    The 'job' these guys do - regardless of politics or personal feelings ( theirs and ours ) about the righteousness of the 'cause' - is on behalf of all of us. That team outlook applies before, during and most definitely after in my personal ( its Andy ) view.
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    I,m guessing by the surname and accent Tony that he,s a relative of yours
    Brave lad

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    Indeed Colin.
    Cracking lad and I'm just glad he's been able to find the help sometimes needed by those affected in different ways by what they witness and actually take part in.
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