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    Howa Stock

    Hi Guys,

    Looking for a aftermarket stock for the above, i have seen a bell & carlson on sale at midway but just wondering if anyone has anything for sale. I have the laminate on it at the moment but looking for somthing synthetic/composite with alu bedding block. Its a short action with standard spoter barrel (i am going to get it re barrelled so would consider varmint stock also). looking for B&C, MacMillan, Manners, PSE etc.PM me with any details.

    Cheers BB
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    Still looking? Anyone? before i bite the bullet and get a new one

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    Bell and Carlson will ship direct to the UK if you wanted to go down that route . . . and over 100 cheaper than MidwayUK.


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    Shame you're not a 'leftie'!. I've got a full carbon pse for short action R/H Howa, but with leftie cheekpiece.

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