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Thread: Very Proud Grandad

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    Very Proud Grandad

    Ive mentioned to a few guys who have been here recently , my eldest daughter Emma was expecting her first baby this week
    Baby Correy arrived on his due date this morning at 2,30 am , both doing well
    Very proud of Emma going through the birth not even needing any pain relief
    A cousin for our other one year old Grandson , Laiton
    Well done Emma and John , see you both later today

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    Good news. Congratulations Colin, and to the new Mum & Dad!

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    Congratulations ��

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    congrats enjoy the babysitting ,has corey been measured for his first .243 yet

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    Congratulations mate.

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    Well done gramps, congrats to all the family!

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    Congratulations colin
    regards pete

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    Great news Colin and weldone to your daughter what a task . I must admit to loving my grand kids so much I cant say.I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine mate. They are with out doubt one of the biggest life changers and put a smile on my face every time I see them and that's most day ,s lol.

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    Thanks guys
    Davie your right , we,r lucky to have our three girls nearby so see them nearly everyday its amazing how popping
    round to see the wee rascal can turn a bad day into a good one , hes often standing on the couch at the window waiting to see my jeep arrive
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    awsome pal glad there both well

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