Ok so this is the update,

Went out last night and re zeroed reticule. we started at 33 yds, and first shot was low and right. Adjusted 14 up and 8 left and just below bull then out to fifty and just a fraction right, moved out to 113 yds and it was still fraction right and 2" high so adjusted 1 click left and down 2, two touching holes just over 1" high so allready to go out Thursday eve as grass is being cut today and thursday.

The reticule is now all but in the centre of the screen so we are well pleased

So it does seem that the mounting rail which screws directly onto the scope base was misaligned. Clearly cannot replace the two metal stop pins as they are now not in the correct places. However as its a .204 recoli is hardly going to be an issue.

So if you got one and having issues with zero then clearly this is the fix.

I will contact the US makers and point out that there assembly QC needs a major revision.

Shooting buddy will be in contact with supplier.