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Thread: Barnes ttsx powder choice

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    Barnes ttsx powder choice

    Hi thinking of loading 130gr ttsx in 308 and possibly 120gr in 6.5x55.
    Anyone got any pet loads?


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    i used 130 .30 cal with varget 50 grain just under 3000 fps but went back 150 pro-hunters much cheaper and i ran out of varget if you go on there site it will give you some info .

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    Whatever you use, they seem to like a good jump to the lands. I believe Barnes recommend a minimum of 50'. That's waht I used as a start point and it was bang on!

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    Currently using h414 with good results
    regards pete

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    Varget & Alliant Reloder 15 both work well with this bullet in my 308.


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    H4895 46 grain with a 130 grain 308 TTSX in Lapua cases 50 thou off the lands

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    N160- 46 grains. Spot on.
    Is that with the 120g TTSX? any idea of velocities

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    Quote Originally Posted by srvet View Post
    Is that with the 120g TTSX? any idea of velocities

    I last shot the TSX over a chrony and they were doing 3000fps. 140 grain 2800. I haven't measured the TTSX.

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    thanks guys, unfortunately i don't have any of those powders. Varget and 4895 are in short supply down here. i do have
    N160 Small amount
    IMR 4350
    Ramshot Tac and X-terminator

    think the N133 and benchmark are too fast but as to the others has anyone used any of them?


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