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    Have to laugh

    I was talking to someone about why I went stalking and she said that she couldn't do it as she always would think about Bambi (where have we all heard that before?) Then she said, 'dont you ever think about Bambi when he was learning to talk and said "Buuuuuuurrrrrrdd?" I couldn't stop laughing and she was disgusted!

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    'Run Bambi it's Danger Mouse' just doesn't have the same ring does it?

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    Isn't Bambi the sexy one on Secret Diary of a Call Girl

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    I had a vegetarian lady friend convinced she could eat pheasants because they were vegetarians too !

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    I was at a dinner party where we had a veggie eating with us,

    She said in conversation that there was no need to kill anymore lambs/cows/pigs as we could all easily be veggies too....

    I replied that if that was to be the case it would be a dam shame to have to put down hundreds of thousands of livestock....

    She said there would be no need too -they could all live happy on farms- to which i replied - do you honestly think that these animals would be kept alive if there was no need for their products anymore - and who the hell is going to pay for them to live to ripe old ages and watch them die?????

    She didn't know where to look...

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    ohhh..veggies Humans didn't fight their way to the top of the food chain to just eat bloomin' vegetables.

    Old sitcom:
    Woman:"Waiter, do you have a vegetarian option?"
    Waiter: ''Yes, you can **** off.''

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    When one of my work colleagues found out that I shoot, the next time I saw her she said "Oh, you're the shoot little rabbits don't you?"

    Only one answer to that.

    "Nope, I shoot the big 'uns 'cos there's more meat on them..."

    She didn't know how to respond to that!!

    On a slightly different note, a few jobs back I worked for a global pharmaceutical manufacturer, and we had a young chap join us, who, it turned out, was also less than keen on my pastime, and was quite a zealous vegetarian and believer that animals shouldn't be killed for the benefit of humans (I know, I know.... )

    He gave me quite a bit of stick for a god ten minutes or so (sicko, twisted, killing animals for fun, blah, blah, blah... ).

    I then put it to him that it had been nice working with him, and I was sorry that he had to leave the company and give up his salary.

    "Eh? What do you mean?" sez he.

    Well, sez I, as you feel so strongly about animal rights, you obviously will feel that you must hand your notice in as you can no longer work for a pharmaceutical manufacturer - what do you think we test new drugs on? Potatoes??

    He slunk off, and funnily enough, didn't resign but also didn't ever challenge me again.

    Remind me how you spell 'hypocrite'.....



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    veggie replies

    A woman at work used to go on about me shooting bunnies etc. She was quite religious as well as veggie and when I replied "if God didn't want us to eat animals why did he make them so tasty?" she gave up.
    I felt a little bad afterwards...but it soon faded.


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