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Thread: One moderator for two different rifles

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    One moderator for two different rifles

    I have looked in some detail into moderators, in particular the weight and length (I am looking for a light-weight and short moderator) considering the materials used and the price asked. As the amount of Posts on this site indicate, a confusing subject, as there is no industry benchmark test and the amount of moderation also depends on the type of round/load. However the majority of manufacturers claim a moderation of between 25-28 Db - no manufacturer seems to be able to improve on that range or falls below it.
    Having decided on the manufacturer I wonder if the moderator for the .308W rifle can be used on a .243W rifle without any significant reduction in moderation. (The barrel screw threads are, btw, the same on both rifles, yes I did check!). Obviously, one would expect a .308W moderator on a .243W rifle to be slightly less effective than a .243W moderator on a .243W rifle. how much????

    Thank you for sharing your views and experience.
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    I use an ase utra northstar on my .243 and .308 (a .30 cal one) and tbh the noise reduction is perfectly acceptable on both.

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    i use my old hardy g4 that was on the .243 17x1 now its on my 6.5 . my other t8 fits any 14x1 up to .308

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    I use an ase utra northstar on my .243 and .308 (a .30 cal one) and tbh the noise reduction is perfectly acceptable on both.
    I do the same and works fine

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    I've recently been using my .308 roedale on my .223 and it isn't as quiet but it still saves my ears so it's good enough.

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    I'm glad you posted this thread, I could only get a .308 one for my .243 and was worried it'd be a bit baggy!

    I'll rest easier knowing other folk are ok with it.
    Cheers Ted.

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    I bought a second Wildcat Predator off here, was sold to him and listed on his ticket as .30 cal, turned out it was a .338!. Sounds exactly the same as my other Predator (which is a .30) shooting on both a 308win and a 300aac Blackout
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    I use the same 6.5mm bore PES on 6 calibres from .243, .222, .22, .17

    it is a high quality high attenuation moderator to start with
    really don't think it matters for the lower calibres
    closer is better but unless the moderator is already poor on the sound reduction level am not sure your average shooter would notice the difference

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    Excellent replies, thank you. The consensus appears to be that it will be perfectly fine. It wil require two different rear bushes as the two barrels are of a different outside profile, but they are easily changed.

    Obviously, when I asked someone who makes and sells moderators, the answer was that it would really be better to have two! Yes, hmm.
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    Does anyone know how much larger the moderator hole diameter is to the actual calibre its designed for?

    Might be interesting to measure this difference-maybe a cf .22 mod has a hole of .35 diameter. Any reloaders out there with calipers like to check?

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