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    Right lads what the hell is this?
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ID:	42058 This round was given to a mate of mine by an old chap in a croft house on Lewis today.It's oal is 3.170,case length 2.311,calibre 0.451,rim diameter 0.742. It's a paper patched solid lead bullet and to be honest it looks to be home made. Any ideas? sorry for the rubbish pics

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    This is the typical CHEAP British solution to supplying the Army with a cartridge. A solid drawn case would have been more expensive but would have given a better extraction after firing. These coiled brass cases with an iron base often came apart inside the chamber after firing. So penny pinching at the cost of men's lives is nothing new. Later solid drawn cases would replace these abominations and none too soon.

    It is a 450/577 Martini Henry. The rifle that replaced the 577 Snider and was superceded by the 303 Lee Metford. So this is very much the time of expansion into Africa and the era of the events depicted in "Zulu" and "Zulu Dawn". By the time of Churchill's charge at Omdurman in the Sudan it was already no longer in front line service.

    It is ALSO s1 notwithstanding its antiquity and if possessed without appropriate certification some forces may consider its possession an offence. Its possession with a Martini Henry held under the exemption of s58 would also cause problems as it might be held that as you now had "ammunition suitable" that the rifle was being possessed in breach of s58.

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    Thanks for the information and heads up.Very interesting.

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