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Thread: Sako Optilocks which can't come loose!

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    Sako Optilocks which can't come loose!

    I have a pair of Sako action 1/111 bases which have medium height 30mm rings welded to them. Both bases and rings are stainless and were vapour blasted after welding. The screws which hold the rings to the bases are also in place.
    They are complete with inserts.
    These are solid! Looking for 115 posted.

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    Hey there
    Have you a photo please


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    PM me your e mail address and I'll sort one out with pleasure.

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    Nothing heard, Simon. Did you get the photo?

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    Yes sorry photos received, and they do look great, very professional.
    But I've just realised there 30mm mounts so want fit my scope.
    Many thanks and good luck with the sale

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