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Thread: pistols?

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    I live near a small market town in rural north lincolnshire. There are currently three trends.
    1 a gang of toe rags stop someone who is innocently driving down the road, drag them from thier car, give them a good kicking then steal the car.

    2 a gang comes round to your house, kicks the door in then gives everyone inside a good kicking before stealing your stuff.

    3 a gang waits about near a pub. some ordinary bloke comes out after a few beers and the gang give him a good kicking.

    We see on the TV that these scrotes are doing this all over the country. Yet liberty and other bleeding heart liberals are busy saying that we shouldn't have mosquitoes (noise emitting machines that irratate youths) where they gather. The government are making it nearly impossible for the police to put someone in prison. Where was the home secratary and the dudes from Liberty when that poor bloke was getting kicked to death becuase he didn't want kids wrecking his wifes car?

    if we were allowed i would arm myself and my wife with pistols, Would you?

    Maybe if the toe rags thought "if i open this car door and tried to beat up the guy inside he might shoot me dead" they would not bother. Some might say they would arm them selves..... they already do, there are loads of illegal pistols on the streets.


    (after a **** day at work looking at the havoc that these bastartds are raining down on decent people)

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    Bit of a difficult question to answer Swampy, seeing as you are a police officer

    But I entirely agree with you. BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY

    That would make some of these arseholes think twice. But of course they are all in gangs, one on one and they would **** their trousers. Big men in gangs, on their own chicken ****.

    If I had to I would use any means at my disposal to protect my family, and would bare the consiquences afterwards, as I think most men on here would.

    What a pity its not like the States, where you have the right to protect your family and property. And like they say, if he's in your garden SHOOT THE ******* AND DRAG HIM INDOORS

    My guns are for stalking and deer management, and I would not use them for any other purpose. In the UK you do not need a FA Licence anymore Just pay a visit to your local eastern block gun dealer in the pub, evidently you can get one for about 100, or so the newspapers tell us. Thats a lot less than I paid for my revolver, which is restricted to 2 shots

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    Christ mate it must have been a bad day at work, though it has to be said you do have a point, our hands are so tied we have no right to personal protection or proper protection of our loved ones, my old dad has always said bring back the birch and public flogging then these morons would probably/hopefully think twice about inflicting any kind of suffering on anyone.

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    Hi Swampy,
    I have to say i find the whole idea of arming my wife with a pistol for self defence quite a disturbing one.
    She would never hit anything, it would be better if she had some sort of 10 bore sawn off, i would imagine that would be usefull for dispersing crowds. i think i've seen a short barreled pump action, marketed in south Africa, for self defence it had 2 magazines (looked like a side by side)along the top these allowed the user to select from either Mag as required presumably No 3 for violent criminals or perhaps an 8 for less threataning asailants.
    Seriously, i symapathise totally. I take my hat off to anyone who can persue a career that puts them into contact with the dregs of society on a daily basis without allowing it to become personal.

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    my prefered weapon is my 5 shot semi auto loaded with spsg's shouldn't get a runner with these
    and i hav use of a track machine which i know how to use ,
    sorry swampy no need for you boys ,not sure i would drag him indoors though, as that may get blood on the carpet ,bugger to clean that

    not that long ago ( last summer) my uncle was attacked on the street by 2 scrots that tried to knife him , they live 10 doors away and high on heroin, all the the police were concerned in as my uncle is a registered firearms holder was to take his guns off him incase he retaliated using one of them
    as this was greater manchester , the firearms boy were called to deal with it, with chopper above, my uncle even though he reported the incident and witnesses pointed out these scrots no one has been brought to justice the police just said they are keeping an eye on the situation ,not sure how that helps the local community
    but damn if that had been any of us we would lose our licenseses in a flash and in front of the judge facing a fine and possible prison sentence,
    good for you swampy this is proper way to enforce the law, thugs and scrots etc shoulld not be allowed to terrorise and get away with it
    rant over

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    Funilly enough, i was talking to a freind of mine that now lives in Housten she is taking a handgun self defence course because of a series of violent rapes in her neighberhood, she tells me that some states actually ofer a reward to anyone that shoots an intruder in there home.
    I would leave the door open!
    Swampy have you considered running for parliment?

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    Christ could you imagine that, the labour party offering a reward for taking out any one that breaks into your home. With the way things are going, it would bankrupt the government in 6 months, paying out for all the claims

    I know the Police have a tough job, which is hampered by masses of paperwork and stupid rules from central government. But hats off to people like Swampy, its a tough job, that at times I have no doubt can be frustrating when these scum get away with it on a technicality.

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    deleted by grant

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    Will anything REALLY happen though??

    it wont be long before one of these scrotums gets hold of a centre fire rifle and pops someone with it, then i bet you the only thing the government will try and do is ban them, then obvioulsy there wont be a problem!!

    Does anyone know if gun crime has gone down since banning handguns?

    I want to know what it's going to take before the government take serious action against violent crime and thugs, i wonder if that poor chap who got kicked to death was an MP or a senior police officer, or celebrity, do you think that would stimulate Brown into doing something slighlty more positive?????

    I agree with a previous post, i'd defend my home and family at any means regardless of consequences!

    I need to go and hammer something now - got my blood boiling!!!!

    end of rant

    Mr Fish

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    Gun crime has always been fairly constant in the UK and I believe there was a slight increase in the amount of killings AFTER the ban, which is widely acknowledged to have been an over-reaction. Still who wants to be the policitcal party to 'put guns on the streets'!

    If allowed, I would definitely own a handgun, not only for target practice and humane killing but for also for home protection.

    The expression 'I would rather be judged by twelve than carried by six' comes to mind...

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