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Thread: CZ 550 American .243 Win

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    CZ 550 American .243 Win


    My CZ 550 American in .243 Winchester. Wooden stock with cheek piece, Bolt action, drop out 4 round magazine, sporter weight barrel without sights. Comes with cobra style leather sling and 1" mounts but not a scope I'm afraid. The rifle has been fitted with an after market, single stage adjustable Timney trigger.

    This rifle is a gauranteed shooter with factory ammunition and I've shot all my deer with it until now. I will send a picture of a target shot in october 2009 to prove the grouping the rifle is capable of.

    The rifle has been cleaned properly every time it is fired back to bear metal. The exterior metal surfaces are without marks. The wooden stock has some honourable battle scars from the miles its been carried over but certainly no damage.

    It will also come with the following:

    As many rounds of its favourite ammunition (Remington Express Core-lokt 100 gn) as I have left when you pick it up, Full cleaning kit including 42" Dewey rod, Possum Creek bore guide, a collection of Dewey benchrest quality bronze brushes, a couple of spear tip jags and a bag of patches.

    400 ono

    Any questions or for photos please pm me.


    W ~ who's been to the rifle shop to buy himself a new toy!

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    And where are you based?

    I know someone looking for a ,243

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    Hertfordshire, near Stansted Airport.

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