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Thread: vortex viper pst 6x24x50

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    vortex viper pst 6x24x50

    I new there was something wrong with it but my concern was low light performance, wasnt as good as said, I was getting a whitish misty veiw,, I had a accuracy issue tuesday evening, it was way out at 340yds on windage,adjusted while aiming at bare patch of earth, light had gone, got home to notice it was nearly back on zero, thought this isnt right, thought maybe I moved windage by accident, went out for zero check last night,with turrets on zero it was bang on, fired a few shots 2 cutting and 1 10mm right, noticed windage had moved again, put turret back on zero, fired 4 shots this time,2 cutting then a 10mm gap then 2 touching, windage had moved again,this happened 3 times, am ringing riflecraft first thing this morning,its a 1000yd day on sunday aswell grrrr
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    1st I've heard of any issues with the Vortex scopes mate, timing a bit crap for ya though!! Will be interesting to hear if the after sales really is as straightforward as they tout it as 2 of my mates have scopes and now their bins too,

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    After speaking to riflecraft today i cant forsee any problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    After speaking to riflecraft today i cant forsee any problems.
    That's encouraging. Especially for those of us looking at these scopes to buy.

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    Just bought a 4-16 x 50 vortex pst afte being impressed with my friends. The lifetime guarentee from riflecraft also seemed very good. Good luck with scope.

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    was thinking of getting one for a .223 project ,,would like some reviews .... ie real life reviews

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    I have one ordered. Great value, good optics (ok, not a Swarovski but neither is the price) positive and repeatable adjustments. Well made and good warranty.
    I was able to borrow one to try for a while, well worth the cash

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    Ive got a 6-24-50 sfp,had it 2years on my 223 and never had a problem.
    In fact im getting another rifle soon and i will buy another to go on that .

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    "Their optics warranty may be about the best out there. Fix or replace for any reason, even for the stupidity of the owner. Here is a photo of a few binos that I took out of a display case when we visited them and which they had replaced at no cost:

    My dog ate my binos comes to mind!"
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    Mine probaly taste of deers blood

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