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Thread: re loading kits

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    re loading kits

    whilst taking on the phone with sikamalc last night we got on about reloading, i was just wondering what make of kit most of you have gone for?

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    Well Andy like I said earlier tonight when we chatted reckon I am going for the Lee Aniversary kit cheap as chips does all I want and as I don't shoot that many bullets I don't think it justifies outlaying several hundred quids.
    Just that I need to do some for the old .318 & my 30-30 Scottish deer rifle

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    I have also considered getting the Lee Aniversary kit, I would be interested to hear what others think of the kit as a starter set up and how those new to reloading found it.
    Price wise they are cheap enough and am sure will be more than enough for my needs!! Cannot see the extra bits and pieces needed costing to much, excluding powder and heads that its!


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    Hi Andy. I suppose this should be in the reloading section, but anyway. I've got a real mish mash collected over the years, but what I use is a Lee Cast Press (single stage), Lee full sizing dies, Lee collet neck sizing dies, Lee case prep tools (case length trimmer, deburrer, flash-hole cleaner), Lee Loader sets (all in one set that you use with mallet - not necessary, but love to use them as they're such fun), Lee Perfect powder scale, Lee Perfect Powder Measure (find it to be very accurate with most powder types), cheap digi scales (which are alright, but nothing special) and that's about it.
    Have all sorts of other kit from RCBS and Lyman etc, but I just use the Lee gear and get on very well with it. Most of my Lee stuff I bought when I started reloading and still using it almost 20 years later.

    There are some real reloading buffs on the site who can offer far better advice, but cheap and cheerful Lee has done well for me.


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    I've had the Lee anniversary kit for about a year and use it for 243 and 308, can't fault it for the price if you are just starting out. One thing I would suggest is you also buy their neck sizing die, you can then fire form and just size the neck and not the whole case: far more accurate results.


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    i bought the Lee Aniversary kit from kranks it was cheap as chips ive loaded a couple of hundred rounds so far good fun and very moorish all i require great piece of kit

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    Hi guys my 2cents worth, well I bought RCBS Rock Chucker Master Reloading Kit, the single stage press is excuse the pun bullet proof I"ll second Oberon and use lee collet neck sizer dies for all my reloading they are brilliant and simple to use Currently I reload for 17 rem and 308 find this kit to suit my needs perfectly

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    Hi, Having reloaded for many years, i would like to tell you i started with a Lee Aniversary kit, and used it for many years with great success for all my Stalking & early target forays.

    Only changed to RCBS stuff 3 years ago "got it real cheep" otherwise i would still be using the Lee stuff.

    It's good workable gear not to expensive, should cope with any of your Stalking reload requirements.

    Happy Loading.


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    I have predominantly lee stuff and I am overall satisfied with most of the kit but had problems with the lee challenger press the two cast parts that the lever fits into broke into about 6 pieces whilst resizeing 22-250 brass. I thought it was just me being ham fisted as I once broke the jaw off a record vice whilst trying to bend a piece of steel tube,but when I started looking for the spare parts it seems that these parts break quite often and usualy break again when replaced ,I replaced mine with a steel replacement part from america that I bought from a guy on ebay but it was not cheap by the time shipping was added

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    what kind of money should you be paying for the anniversary kit?

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