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Thread: Reloading crow

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    Reloading crow

    Ok I've move to a 243 Win I'd thought about other option but decided I'd go 243 as it so popular I'd be easily able to get ammo everywhere. Well not in Staffordshire I can't.

    So I'm now thinking about reloading.

    How hard is it, am I likely to blow myself up, a little knowledge is always dangerous!

    I'll need a cheap set up to start me off what am I best looking at is the Lee Loader a viable option?

    Sorry for all the questions as you may notice I'm out of my depth with reloading.

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    I have a couple of reloading manuals you can borrow to start with then we can have a chat if you like?

    A Lee modern in second edition and a Sierra edition 5.

    Pm me if you wish?

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    Reloading is't dangerous not understanding why you need to follow instructions is? i find it best to monkey see monkey do when you first start out, try to find someone near you that is willing to oversee your reloading for a bit, plus you get to meet a new shooter.
    Reloading kit: buy the best you can afford as as you get better you will wish to get better kit. lee are cheap and built to a price ! sorry lee lovers! look out on this site some top deals come around.
    happy reloading be safe .

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    It isn't rocket science after all, just go carefully and don't take shortcuts.
    But I find it difficult to believe that you can't find any .243 factory ammo in a local shop ?


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    Old man thank you I'll PM you when I get home.

    Hornet I can get 100 grain Federal 105 grain gecko or 2 55 grain rounds. No 70-90 grain that I'd like to try and have heard great things about. Hardly a choice.

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    I have a very detailed video from scierra.
    If you pm me your email address I should be able to share a dropbox link with you.
    Same goes for any one interested.

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    agree with all above if you follow a step wise approach and are very OCD about every step it is fine.
    There are some excellent youtube videos which are very helpful but it is a case of JDI


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    Thank you for all the help and advice, sound like it will be a good option, for me I'm paper punching this weekend see how the Federal factory 100grains go and I'll make a call from that.

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    One thing I do not agree with is the "buy the best you can afford" comment. If you are new to reloading go and buy a 29 lee hand loader off eBay. You can knock out 20 rounds in 20 minutes and it's a fact that they produce accurate ammo (some accuracy records have been set with ammo produced by a lee hand loader)

    it'll let you try out the whole reloading thing and if you decide it's not for you you won't have a 300 set of ornaments!

    I had all the presses, throwers, scales etc and ended up getting rid of it all and now I just have the following-

    lee loader for the calibers I want to reload (29 of eBay)
    digital scale for checking charges (10 off ebay)
    vernier caliper (5)
    case trimmer (10)

    then you need your components -

    bullets (30 for 100)
    primers (6 for 50)
    powder (35 for a tub if varget)
    brass (you should have this from your factory rounds)

    i would advise printing the load data for the bullet you get (say 85gr Sierra in 243) and I would start at the lowest charge and the standard bullet length (caliper a factory round or look up the sammi spec on the net in google) after trying the lowest charge try leaving the length of round the same but up the charge by 0.2 grains of powder per ten rounds...until you are at a charge somewhere in the middle of the minimum and maximum charges stated on the loading data.

    you will will most likely notice the "bang" is not as severe as a factory round as it's one of the first things I noticed when first using reloads.

    The above will most likely get you from the average 1 1/2" or 1" groups with factory rounds to a touching group.


    EDIT to give the link -

    Loader- LEE LOADER 243 WIN [90235] - 28.00 : Henry Krank, Everything for shooters and collectors
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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ID:	42226I had a good shoot yesterday and found my rifle quite like Federal 100 grain power shocks. I spent a long time shooting and chatting with a few lads who home load and can really see the advantage (and danger of addiction). I'm not sure if I will better these groups (below is a picture of one)this was the norm prone off a bipod at 100 m.
    all 3 touching would be nice but it's useable that's for sure. I did learn I need to practice shooting standing without sticks in was really poo at it!!!

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