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Thread: The Nuisance Of Dog Walkers

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    The Nuisance Of Dog Walkers

    Last evening i went to a Local Farm to clear up a few Rabbits, and on arriving at the field i intended to look around i was met by a man and woman and a dog,the dog was running a muck all over the place and as i took my Rifle from it's sleeve the man said don't fire that while we are here, i replied well there is no public right of way through this field no footpath etc so you should not be in here anyway, his reply was so we got the right to ramble.He then went on to say his wife did not like guns,my reply was well if you were not trespassing on Private land and had your dog on the lead we would not be having this conversation so grab your dog and leave the way you came.The man got a bit up tight so me having a unloaded rifle in my hands chose my words carefully but made it clear he had to leave, they both left the field and after a few minutes as i was starting my walk he drove into the field and wrote down the number of my Truck and then drove out and away.I walked back to my Truck and then dialed 101 and had to explain to the Police what had just happened they were ok about it and made a Log to that effect, that was Avon and Somerset i then had to ring Devon And Cornwall to report it aswell because the Farm fields borders the 2 counties, it was not to much of a problem but cost me phone calls to the Police i then had to phone the Farmer and go through it all again with him just in case the Police got intouch with him. I have shot this Farm for best part of 40 years and i never phone the Farmer to let him know i am out there unless he has a Frisky Bull out and then i like to know where it is.It was no big Problem but it was the way the Man and Woman thought they had more right to be there than me,it was only last year when i went to the same field 6.00am one morning to shoot some pigeons on the Stubble when this time there was a woman riding her bloody horse around the field, people just think they can walk where they like .Not only they have no right to be in the fields they scare away the Quarry that i am trying to shoot.

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    Well just a good job you do not live in Scotland mate . Scotland has a right to roam and I must admit to liking it that way. Dog walkers Birders Doggers and every one else we meet make for an interesting place.

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    Got a constant problem on one of my permission. Local lady eevry morning at the crack of daylight walks up the road through my lease. it is private forrestry with a gated access, clearly signed with keep gate clear 24 hour access required. Followed by a sign deer stalking in progress all dogs to be kept on leads etc. so she parks her 4x4 rite accross the gate so i cant get in. the first time it happened i just put it down to a mistake so i waited till the lady come back. she then informed me that she parked her jeep like that so i couldnt get in as she didnt want anyone shooting when she was walking her dogs (letting them run wild mite i add - to labs a spaniel and a big bull mastiff of some kind) i politly said that i would be shooting regularly at this time of the morning and if she didnt like it she would have to walk her dogs at another time or at least keep the all on leads to which i recieved a barrage of abuse. The following trip i got up earlier and got up there with no sign of her, opened the gate parked up and went to desired location which just happened to be a high seat only a couple of hundred yards from the track. sure as fait after 10 minutes i could here her roaring at the dogs as she walked up the road then out in the rough i was watching the spaniel tore right by me 20 yards of the high seat. i let out a roar to get the dog on the lead to which i recieved more abuse. after my morning being ruined i moved to another spot away off the beaten track so no chance of being disturbed, shot a young buck and took it back to car to find my car all covered in paw prints with big scratches down all the doors. I hurried back to catch the lady and when i didn she denied all knowledge of this - not my dogs was her reply - well she was the only person up there at 5am so i cant imagine it was anyone else. I rushed to the gate and got her registration number and called the police. give them credit they appeared before the lady was even back and they seen the rowdy pack of dogs. she again denied damaging the car police said without evedence there was nothing they could do. They did tell he if she was usuing this private forrestry to walk her dogs they would have to be kept on the lead when stalking sign is up (due to just being restocked i have to be on top of it so will be up regular) so next morning up again seen her jeep, not in front of gate this time so i went up the road got to where i wanted to be again in the restocked area and again the spaniel comes tearing down the ruff in front of me this time with the 2 labs as well, i let out a roar again and again a get another barrage of abuse off this woman!!!! what the heck are you ment to do?????

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    Well if it was me i think flat tyres on her Truck might make her think , of course no Witnesses . Like you were told without evidence !!
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    I did think about that stalker but to be honest I don't want to jeopardise my fac for this muppet!!! Is there anything the police can do if I catch her with them off the lead again or will they just give her a slap on the wrist? I don't want to go to the private forestry at the moment incase I jeopardise my lease also because of her!!! It's so frustrating!!

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    Maybe a LOUD noise? After all you can't scare off the deer if her dogs are running rampant but I bet they won't be overly fond of say.... an un moderated rifle shot? Into a safe piece of ground obviously....

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    That was my thought, maybe if she thought there was a chance of getting shot she may stay well away, after all if it's private and sings are up she should be aware there is shooting going on.What if you were all sorted and she came into the wood without you knowing and you were culling Deer? and then you let a couple of early morning shots echo through the wood.

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    Yeah that seems to be my only option at present - 243 with no mod ringing out early in the morning but then she seems like a twisted nasty bit of work and whats to stop her saying i fired in her direction? again it would be my word against hers and the fact we have already had some alltercations may go against me!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Well just a good job you do not live in Scotland mate . Scotland has a right to roam and I must admit to liking it that way. Dog walkers Birders Doggers and every one else we meet make for an interesting place.

    My thoughts entirely - - and I wouldn't be taking my rifle from it's sleeve either.

    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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    The bull mastiff is very aggressive as well it didnt bite me but was up at me snarling and growling and kept jumping up on me, i told her to get them under control and again ment by abuse and to be honest i dont think she is capable of controlling the pack anyway!! would it be possible to get the police involved if i videod the dogs being aggressive towards me and was worried of being attacked?

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