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Thread: The shape of the future

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    The shape of the future

    The start of the end for Scottish shooting? The shape of the independent Scotland - Democracy ruled over by a dictator.....

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    Could you imagine how long a variation will take if it does go through?

    I think I'd just get rid of my air rifle rather than face the ball ache of getting it added to my FAC - and I suspect that logic will probably lead to surge in people applying for .22LR.

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    Yup despite a consultation with 87% against legislation .....

    they do what they want and ignore it anyway.....

    and folk wonder why I'm so cynical hen comes to politics and scum .... Sorry politicians


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    Wee Eck's just sent a good few more to the NO voters side !

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    Will the air gun certificate (AGC) allow a FAC rated air rifle without need to add it to a FAC? If so I can see a lot of powerful air guns appearing in Scotland. Estimated 500 000 air guns, is that a realistic figure or how many they think will get registered. It will be interesting to see how many certificates are issued and at what cost.

    Wee Eck, will never listen to the countryside majority as he is an urban socialist and wants to have control over everything.
    To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

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    your all doomed a vote for king alex is a vote for do as he says not what he does .he,s also demanding full control over firearms law devolved from westminster and given to himself sorry the scottish parliment ruled by him.enjoy your independance

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    Could someone clarify: has the bill actually passed, or has it merely been proposed to the House?

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    It's only been proposed. I'd be very surprised if it doesn't get passed though - it's an emotive subject and they are spinning their words for all they are worth.

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    When do the Scots next get the opportunity of voting out the SNP?

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    Thursday 5 May 2016.

    Since there is a very real risk that this will ocurr in a post-Yes vote Scotland, all bets are off.

    However, they have run a consistent lead of over 10% in the polling data over the last few years, so it's rather unlikely that much will change.
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