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Thread: Bit of a head scratcher

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    Bit of a head scratcher

    Guys,Any advice welcome, as i lost my labrador bitch last year due to a break up:@:@, i have been thinking about either a Lab or Gsp, basically a companion for both shoot days and a stalking buddy that can follow up and track if neccesarry, do i get one of each? Lab for either bird sports and GSP for stalking or do i get a jack of all trades? ive been thinking for around 3 months now and i cant decide what i want. hopefully guys that have Labs and/or GSPs will comment.

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    It depends a bit on your ground - GSPs love to run & will cover much more ground than a lab. They can run all day & not get tired. They can be a handful & often need careful control to settle them down. A good well trained GSP will do all that a lab will plus much more (IMHO).
    Having had a GSP ("Mad" Yorric - hence my handle) that lived for 17 years, he was a great people dog & did all forms of working - beating, picking up, rough shooting / pointing, wildfowling & stalking - I can recommend the breed - The GSP can do it all - It is more down to the quality of the handler how well it turns out.
    Labs are much easier going & less spirited - Not knocking them - It's a case of "Horses for courses" like Do you want a reliable family car or a supercar?
    Whichever way --- Enjoy your new dog when you get it & train it well from day one. (The first few weeks are SOOOO important!)


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    I've had a lab before trained from scratch absolutely fantastic dog, gutted I lost her to be honest, but I love labs just wondering if I should venture in the GSP world the groud I stalk on is a mic of arable fields with woodlands and quite thick woodland in some points with lots of open rides, got 5000acres on my doorstep to take the dog running etc, just trying to decide what breed I wanna go for

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