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Thread: Forster Co-Ax Model B Brand New

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    Forster Co-Ax Model B Brand New


    Took delivery of my Forster Co-ax a couple of weeks ago from Optics Warehouse, it was the best deal I could find (actually in stock) and cost me 299 plus 10 delivery!.. haven't even opened the box yet!

    The slightly embarrassing bit is I have got my dates a bit wrong and have left myself staring at a slight cashflow issue! As I don't need this urgently I am going to sell it and order another in the coming couple of months! I'll take a hit but needs must and all that!

    New, unopened, will supply invoice from Optics Warehouse for any possible warranty issues.. 275 posted.. Would prefer bank transfer but will take PayPal AT THE BUYERS'S EXPENSE..

    Please, no offers, any less than that and I will find another way round my short term cashflow problems..


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    Pm sent,

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    Thanks for confirming that it is the latest model B3 with 'S' jaws.

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    Deal done.......
    Money transferred to your account.
    I look forward to receiving it soon.

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