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Thread: A pair of ginger bookends....

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    A pair of ginger bookends....

    My farmer mate set up a couple of trailcams recently after spotting some fox activity, and after looking at loads of photos of a cock! Photos of Mr. on....

    He put a single highseat up in a paddock near to where the cams had been sited, surrounded on all sides by rough cover, and staked a few dead bunnies out on Monday; we opted to leave it for a couple of days for the baits to get 'hit', and as he was busy yesterday evening, I said I'd go and have a sit out for a few hours at dusk.

    It was around 7.15 last night when I clambered up....and luckily didn't have too long to wait, for at 7.50pm, so still broad daylight, I spotted a fox slink out of the hedge over on my right and start walking across the paddock heading for the far left corner. The grass is quite long, so I needed to wait until the fox was clear - I was using my .243, and didn't want to chance any deflections (my mate would never let me live it down if I shot at the fox and missed....) - then a brief squeak, down like a bag of hammers!

    After retrieving the fox (80yds, 100g SP's if anyone is interested), I climbed back up to use what daylight was still left; darkness was likely at around 10.00pm.

    Fast-forward to 9.45pm, so getting to that "It must be almost time for climbing down" kinda thinking, and lo and behold, what do I spy emerging from pretty much where fox #1 came from? Look rather like another fox...... After making a 100% positive ID (light was fading rather quickly now), I let him clear the tall grass...brief squeak, down like a bag of hammers! Again!

    The two were a vixen and a dog-fox, the dog having dark patches on his haunches and between his shoulder blades. A productive evening, and a happy farmer. And the trailcams are still out to see if anything else with foxy intent is on the move in the vicinity....

    Job's a good 'un.

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    Good night out, but seems a lot of effort for a brace.
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    Well done - some foxes are worth the extra effort!

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