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Thread: Zeiss bino repairs

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    Zeiss bino repairs

    Hi just wondering if any1 can help just bought my self a secondhand pair of Zeiss victory btp 10/40 and I am after getting them serviced and tarted upbyZeiss has anybody had and experience sending bins back i.e. cost and time scale and can't seem to find a contact who to send them to do i need to go through a dealer thanks MattMatt

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    I think mak on here is something to do with zeiss, probably worth a pm to him

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    You could try action optics, worth a call anyway

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    +1 for action optics southampton 80 quid for full service ,recollimation and clean n replace broken screws.came back like new

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    Zeiss serviced mine put new lenses in for free.

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    This firm does their warranty stuff in the UK...

    Go here first....

    SDV Ltd
    Regional Logistics Centre
    Evolution Business Park
    Milton Road
    CB24 9NG

    Tel: +44 (0) 1223 40 1520
    Cheers Ted.

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    It's going back a bit but I thought this had come up before:-

    Glasgow Binocular Repair [Archive] - The Stalking Directory

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    I have a pair of these Jena zeiss military binos after given them from a family friend who died:-(

    Carl Zeiss Jena binoculars 7x40 military east german , NO RETICLE, NO IR FILTER | eBay

    Mine are bit rough but optically superb & I LOVE the auto focusing !!!!! Just lift & look

    think some of these places mentioned could service them?


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    Quote Originally Posted by tedster View Post
    This firm does their warranty stuff in the UK...

    Go here first....
    and the service is excellent.

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    Thanks for the response everyone I have contacted Glasgow bino repairs and have sent them up to them just waiting fora quote optically they are brill looking forwards to using them cheers

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