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Thread: PPU .243 Kent

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    PPU .243 Kent

    Evening all,

    Does anybody know where i can locate some 90gr PPU soft points in .243win in Kent or nearby areas? Ive rung round most of the dealers i can find on google and either nobody stocks them or nobody has any.

    Any help is much appreciated


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    Hi Nick, thought i'd say hello from a fellow townsbloke...have you tried Andy Tennant on detling hill? if he hasnt he'll get them in for you.

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    Nope but ill bell him tomorrow and do some enquiring
    Cheers Louis

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    Not sure where in Kent you are but AC Guns in St Leonard's usually stocks them.

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    Im up in Sittingbourne but occasionally venture down that way, if i cant find any closer ill take a drive down, cheers nun hunter

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