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Thread: T4 Reflex Moderator for .243 1/2 UNF

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    T4 Reflex Moderator for .243 1/2 UNF

    As per the title, my trusty Reflex T4 Moderator, been on my .243 since new. 1/2 UNF thread.

    £150 plus RFD costs Price Drop to £100 plus RFD cost

    Face to face if near Edinburgh/Stirling.

    These are £220 new.
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    Price drop to £100 plus rfd cost

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    Hi. Is that the RFD costs at either end? Any idea how much the cost would be for you to send?

    Thanks, Richard

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    Hi. I did PM you regarding the T4 mod but haven't heard back - I've found one s/hand in a local gun shop so I won't be following up on this one. Good luck with the sale. Regards, Richard

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    how old is this? and does it show any signs of corrosion?

    cheers matt
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    Hi willyroe. do you still have the mod. I am not far away from stirling and can meet. how is the inside. thanks Tommo.

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