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Thread: beretta xplor or browning maxus

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    beretta xplor or browning maxus

    hello to all not sure if this is the right section but here it goes.
    i am looking at changing my over and under for a semi auto. i am looking at either of the two guns in the title and was wondering what guys taught about them and what one they would choose.
    thanks in advance for the help

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    Ive got the xplor light. It is the first semi Ive had. It is great, light fast and is so soft recoiling that apart from the bang it feels the shot hasnt went off. I have had no problems with it. The only thing is I am still having to remember I have a third shot and you have to search for the empty cartridges.

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    I am in the middle of the same quandary at present, as my younger brother wants a semi for clays and I want one I can use for pigeon decoying etc. I have had a shot with the maxus as well as as looked at one in a shop and they really are beautiful looking guns. i suspect i will end up with a beretta one though, they are commonly regarded as the most reliable and lowest recoil ones on the market and they are virtually the only ones you ever see at my clay ground. Also, they have been around for a little longer so they are fractionally cheaper around here. My OU Beretta has never put a foot wrong and I feel the maxus is a little too nice for pigeon shooting. If it was going to be my only gun though, i think I'd go for the Maxus, I just can't resist the shiny gamescenes and the nice wood i would be more than happy to put my cash into either one so it's just personally preference IMHO
    Not a particularly helpful answer I concede, but I am in exactly the same position!

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    If you're leaning towards a Beretta, all I'd say is try a Maxus if you can before deciding.

    I've always shot disappointingly with Beretta's semi-autos but when I shot a Maxus for the first time last month I took to it at once as though I'd been using it for ever.

    I'd like to be able to pin down why, but without shooting both guns side by side I'm not sure I could.... which is why I simply suggest you try one for yourself.
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    I've got the xplor action with POD and KickOff, is a dream to shoot... 50 grams Mammoth Magnum feels lighter than 32 grams in my previous semi... looks good, shoots good and very reliable .
    Ah, and the wood is gorgeous as well

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    The only thing that bugs me about the Beretta over the Browning is the apparent 30-50% price hike and I wonder if they are that much better gun...

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    Sportsman are doing the new A5 for £899'22/

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    I have Winchester SX3 find it very reliable on all range of loads and very fast and light a joy to use and have put 2000 + shots through it Dexy

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    If you are right handed look at the Browning. They are a very nice piece of kit. Benelli is a name worth looking at. Big range of really nice stuff.


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    Being a "techy" at heart I really like the simplicity of the recoil systems such as the A5 and the Benelli (Benelli also do some nice things in LH). But I just worry that they will struggle too much with lighter clay loads which will make practice annoying and / or more expensive...

    If you do fancy a pump though the Benelli SuperNova is an awesome piece of kit!



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