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Thread: Sierra Game King vs Nosler Ballistic Tip

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    Sierra Game King vs Nosler Ballistic Tip

    A bit of advice please. I've been using Federal Powershock 130g in my Sauer 200. There seems to be a national shortage of Federal ammo at the moment so I'm exploring getting some bullet heads to allow a mate to help me home-load.
    The question is does anyone have any experience/preference of the Sierra Game King vs Nosler Ballistic Tip Boat Tail bullet heads, I'm probably keen to stick with a 130g.
    Thanks in advance for all the corporate knowledge!

    p.s. does anyone know of anywhere with a good price on the above, I'm in Dorset? Alternately has anyone ever got them in/over from the States as they seem good value at Cabelas?!

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    You don't say what calibre you are using, not that it matters. Sierra GameKings are an excellent bullet and, although I haven't bought any for a while, much more ecomomical than Nosler BT's. I would be happy to use either for general deer stalking. If I were you I would be more concerned about the long term availability of components than anything else, its very frustrating buying a couple of hundred bullets, working up a load, getting to like them then finding that you can't get them anymore!
    Also, I suppose I better be the first to say it, heads are where sailors go to the toilet, bullets are what you load into a case to form a cartridge! JC

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    Apologies, thought I did, it's .270. Some of us do use heads (I'm not a sailor!) but then we also use 'rounds' when talking about weapon systems of this calibre!!! Thanks for your time.

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    I have used both Sierra GK's and Nosler BT's in the .270 Win with R22. In my rifle, a Sako Finnbear at the time, It didn't seem to matter what I did with loads, it just seemed to shoot everything well. I only ever used 130grn bullets in the .270 other than a brief experiment with 100grn Hornady V-Max's for park work. Great calibre. JC

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    As your after expanding bullets you cannot just order them in from the US. Remember they have to be moved by armoured truck as they're soooooooooooooo dangerous tot he general public

    Hmmm not sure of the dealers around your way but TAL arms used to be good for keeping stock in. of course I have not really dealt with them since the pistol ban .

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    I was thinking of a friend bringing some back as he's headed out to the states pretty soon.

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    TASR12 if you do ask a friend to bring back expanding bullets for you, don't forget to remind him of the need to carry his FAC showing that he can possess expanding bullets of that calibre. Also remind him of the need to stay within his numbers or he won't be a friend for long if he gets stopped.

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    Midway UK will courier expanding ammo/powder to your local RFD if he is ameanable.

    There are also reloading groups about who place orders in bulk and you split the cost of the courier. I got on the mailing list of one such group and about every four months they email me asking if I want anything as they are placing an order with Midway.

    I didn't spot where you are from but Hannam's, Midway and Krank's all stock large quantities of popular bullets etc. and are always worth trying.

    Atb, ft

    Edit; just re-read your post and seen you are from Dorset, what about Sportsman Gun Centre, they have a branch in your fair county don't they? They are huge and must carry a reasonable stock. I will admit that not everyone I have spoken to likes them, but they have been fine with me when I have nipped in to the Exeter shop.

    I had the final push twards reloading when i could not source any 140gn Federals for my 6.5, they seem to be in short supply

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    This is for a 270? In the USA some say that the Game King is a target bullet that whilst exceptionally accurate isn't the best for game shooting. A lot swear by the basic Hornady Interlock. They are relatively inexpensive and they work.

    I don't think that the Nosler BT will suit you. Your range template is too broad. I think that the Nosler BT is really a 150 yards and plus bullet. Probably not best suited to a 50 yard shot.

    If you are going to start reloading for your 270 I'd strongly urge you to try the Hornady Interlock 140 grain bullet. They can be loaded to a nice comfortable 2800fps and having a better BC than any 130 grain will shoot flatter.

    Just my 2p worth. But I think that if you ask for loads for the 140 in the 270 you will find a lot of us use it in preference to the 130.

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    That's interesting, I will look in to it over the weekend......

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