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Thread: A very close call last night

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    A very close call last night

    Well all system go last night rifles all sorted and mates NV all sighted in (see Drone Pro ) in equipement reviews. We had over 12 k of assorted optics in the truck so nothing had been left to chance.

    Anyway was eager to get out as I had got a superb bit of new ground, 150 acres on a lovely bank facing west, adjoining a prev permission. Guy who rents it had prev took me out and shown me the boundaries so we were waiting for the grass to be cut. Last night glourious evening and we arrive 8pm is, big crop of grass and slow drive arround, now you can see most of it from the top and no obvious fox activity but as we go throug a gateway there a fox almost next to us, which goes straight into the hedge, we reverse back an it (she) is going from where we just come from. We decide to leave and proceed only to notice two fox cubs in the sun under the hedge up the bank from us.

    Concencus is we need to get adults first so drive down rest of fields, alive with rabbits and then find another earth with hen feathers everywhere, so wehave now got two litters to sort.

    Anyway we return to a good but difficult vantage point to see if we can sort the first lot.

    Now I don't know why but I thought I better let the guy who rents the ground we were out ( he knew already as i said the prev day that we would be out), sent a text saying we were out and were on the foxs only to recieve a reply saying it was not ok as the guy who actually ownes the ground diddn't want us there shoooting.

    Pissed off or what I just couldn't believe it however a quick phone call confirmed all not good between guy renting ground and proxy owner (difficult issue to explain).

    Then get a call from mate who is doing a reccy saying he's found the vixen and its a good easy shot, then had to break the bad news to him, he's gutted.

    Well so this wonderfull bit of ground is now off limits till the respective parties get their individual issues sorted, we got 10 = foxs we can't sort when we might have got most of them last night.

    Just shows it does pay to make very certain all is OK before proceeding.

    Comment: a lot of my shooting does not involve paperwork but when a guy actually drives you arround the ground and tells you what you can shoot you don't normally question them.

    Lesson learned.


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    I had nr the same thing we used to sort out the fox's on a pig farm but as pork is't the best price they downsized big time, the long on short of it was we were told, as we don't have so many jellybeans running around no more we are not worried about the fox's, so please don't shoot them anymore !

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    Bloody annoying that.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    done the same only over pigeons,farmer rents every field he sees plants tells you to get rid of pigeons,owner comes along when your half way through to say get off my land, pain in the neck,

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    what would off happen if you had not tex him and you had been shooting there and the police had turn up responding to the owner rining in and saying there are people shooting on my land whith out my permisson ??

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    I nearly got caught in middle of similar.
    Someone I know in passing is groundsman / manager at a local cricket ground. getting an issue with rabbits, had given written permission to various people to control them but didn't seem to be doing the job, could I recommend any one reliable ?
    I checked verbally that he and the 'committee' actually had the right to give shooting perm' etc.

    Recommended a friend who controlled the neighboring estate and pointed out the friend would almost certainly want to meet him and another club member on site to confirm everything.

    Spoke to friend, who went quiet, then asked a lot of questions. Turns out the cricket ground belongs to the estate and agreement with club was that any vermin problems to be reported to Head Keeper who would pass it on to the man who deals with it (who happens to be my friend !)

    There were two others I could have passed this on to who would have had no idea of the true conditions and could have got into a lot of bother turning up with .22lr's and .17hmr's. Turns out the others with "permission letters" had been sons, mates etc with low power air rifles and due to nature of ground never had the skill or persistence to deal with the bunnies so gave up. No idea when the original and true agreement with the Estate got forgotten about by the club, but the Estate certainly remembered it !

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    Strictly speaking in most agricultural leases the tennant farmer does have the right to let people on to shoot vermin (rabbits/pigeon etc) althou possibly not the done thing if there is a shooting tennant. But almost every tennancy/sporting agreement will be different

    But u do have a right to protecr ur crops if shooting tennant isn't doing it, but most leases will be different, seen 1 shooting lease that included foxes

    I would imagine with a bit of common sense u should be ok as not tresspassing with a firearm as have permission as long as not breaking any game laws

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    Isuue still remains unresolved and another big crop of grass about to be mowed. The owner of the ground is probably a holding company and the son of the director lives in the big house and things not cordial at all from what i can glean. If the truth was known we could have probably shot all the foxs and none would have been wiser but knowing my luck the son might have heard a shot and come out. I am lead to believe he has a 22 250 as rifle for fox but dont know much about him but have been lead to believe he is not the nicest of gentlemen to deal with.


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