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Thread: .17hmr for foxing?

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    .17hmr for foxing?

    Hi Lads,

    Can anyone suggest a long distance rabbiting and foxing calibre please?

    Max distance 220 yards. Needs to be cheap to reload but accurate, flat shooting and something that will be around for a while.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

    Thanks .

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    Q lots of options as far as rifle choices go for rabbits and fox. How about .223?

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    HMR for fox has been covered many times on this forum. I think it is fine at shorter range. As to a bigger cal - as Mike has said, there are lots. 20 cal of some description (20Tac or 204R) may be a little more incisive than a 22C/F - and of course there are a range of 17C/F's that also fit your criteria.

    I'd consider ease of ammo acquisition and cost as well as things like wind and distance in deciding where to land on the calibre merry go round
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    .17hmr is a rabbit round.

    I've seen a few fox run from being shot with these (not by myself!) and I don't think they are humane!

    One runner is one too many!
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    You may wish to post an introduction before admin catch you...........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Clarke View Post
    .17hmr is a rabbit round.

    I've seen a few fox run from being shot with these (not by myself!) and I don't think they are humane!

    One runner is one too many!
    well said sir
    nothing to add
    regards pete

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    when i had mine i dropped a fair number of fox's all at around say 20 to my pb at 150 yrd, at 2500 fps .17 pill if you hit them right they go down, i ended up with the 20gr better but still ,if you cock it up they run for ever! mind you i have taken more fox with my .22lr than almost any of the other rifles ,if you can't hit a 10p at 70 yrs get some paper punching time in .

    ps i know a farmer who hit a red boy in the shoulder and it just run we found it later and i finished it off with the .22, not a fan of the 17hmr waspy thing but useful in the right hands.

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    looking at what you require it for , its got to be a 2nd hand cz in .223 , reload for pennies and will be able to pick up a cheap rifle.

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    223 would be an excellent choice. I don't shoot our local fox but for coyote and other vermin at that distance, it would be hard to beat. Easy to load for. Cheap plentiful brass and not too powder needy.~Muir

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    just got one and its awsome, so so so flat shooting. zerod it at 50 yards making it 0.5 inch high at 100 yards and spot on at 200 then drops 3 inch at 300 yards with 32 gr vmax doing just over 4000fps. pretty cheap to reload for as long as you have cases initially but shop bought ammo seems expensive espicially up here in scotland.

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