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Thread: Winter Moose

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    Winter Moose

    Got these from a friend in Canada.


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    Great pics Macky.

    Now, just waiting for Terry (PS1) to claim that he took them near Poole .....

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    Mole, I like it, priceless!

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    bit close to the road for my liking would want to bump into one of them in a car

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    Interesting a white cow with 1 white and 1 normal coloured calf.

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    Yes Jagare, very interesting and rare.
    I wondered if the white cow was an albino or is it a recessive white ?


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    Looks like Mom ran short of Blanco!

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    Hmmm I didn't know they had Magpies in Canada but I see one clearly in one photo. You sure it wasn't taken near Poole ?

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    John, sorry for hijacking the thread. I saw this one in the morning and am not quite sure what I was looking at. It's not albino as have dark coloured eyes. Tail looks like it's a mallard drake, but the beak and the rest... I am not sure...


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