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Thread: New Mauser 98s

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    New Mauser 98s

    I have seen some advertising for new production Mauser 98s but no pricing. Does anyone else seen a price list?


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    Quote Originally Posted by MARCBO View Post
    I have seen some advertising for new production Mauser 98s but no pricing. Does anyone else seen a price list?

    They look v nice (and expensive). Not seen the prices either!

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    On a German forum I read that prices start at Euro 6800. They are made at the Blaser factory. I am not in hurry to buy one.

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    Under 5K, a snip!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalahari View Post
    Under 5K, a snip!

    It's what the wife will snip ff when she finds out that worries me

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    I remember reading an article in Rifle few months back about the 98's being put back in production . I knew they'd be expensive, but 6800 Euro's , wow . I can pick up a nice Pre-war for less . Nice , but not that nice .


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    6800E`s? One can buy a brand new action and barrel and stock made up for a custom outfit for less.
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    No better than a good oberndorf m98 with English walnut and a good builder behind it,,,and the new m98 is about twice as expensive

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    If you have ever handled a pre-war sporter you will notice there is a good deal of difference between it an a military action.


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    Yes, indeed! And you may soon realize you don't want to let go of it.

    There are so many nice sporting Mausers, from the 1893, to the 1896 sporters, the Obderndorfs, then the ones built by by Krieghoff and the English gun makers, the Husqvarna actions, the post-war Brno 21 and 22, the FN Supreme, and the pre-war magnum Mausers with square bridges. Yum!

    When I see the prices of these new ones, it makes me stop and think that is why the stopped making these fine old Mausers, and the old Mannlichers - they were just expensive works of craftsmanship. It makes me appreciate the relatively few old sporters I own ( relative to the number I would like to own).

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