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Thread: Leica hdb on demo

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    Leica hdb on demo

    got the new 10x 42 hdb on demo for a few days
    first impressions top drawer
    will give some feedback after the weekend
    anybody out there using them ? And what are you thoughts
    regards pete

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    Absolutely fantastic and crystal clear optically i also like the no none sense RF part

    do you think i like mine

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    I have the 10 x HDB. Still reading through the instruction manual. What's there not to like about them? Nothing really, bar the annoying rubber eye covers, which keep on flipping off. Am sure there is not too much difference between this and the Swaros RF, except for the ballistic gismo bit. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Zeiss launch a new version of their RF's at some stage in the furture
    Silly amount of $ for binos but heh, if you can afford em, their a fantastic piece of equipment. Certainly had more satisfaction parting with my cash for them than I did when I put double glazing in the house!!

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