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Thread: Which .223

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    Which .223

    I have finally decided on a .223 as a middle ground rifle to accompany the HMR and 6.5.

    Any suggestions or recommendations on rifle choice?
    Any to avoid?
    Anything else to consider?
    Not against buying second hand
    Not looking for a show piece or work of art....just want a nice accurate workhorse


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    Sauer 202. Buy once and buy well. Last a lifetime and will make you smile every time you use it.

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    I'd suggest a high twist barrel, allows you to shoot 50grn to 75gn. Been as you have the HMR you have the lighter end covered and the heavier stuff is covered by your 6.5

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    i bought a s/h howa 1 year ago for 300 quid in little used condition and its the most accurate rifle ive shot with, maybe i was just lucky with this one but my next rifle will definetly be another howa i cant fault it ,i did put a boyds stock on it but it was still accurate with the hogue they come with

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    Tikka T3 Varmint with 1:8 twist. Probably one of the most versatile rifles you could wish for.

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    Another vote for the Tikka T3.
    Just good all round rifles.
    ATB. Hal.

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    hi go for howa iv just got 22.250 sub moa good gun

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    I'll ad my 2 cents worth- its only that too my opinion.

    For pure field shooting go for the tikka t3 - good out of the box rifle, come with a detachable magazine which is very useful in the field for unloading and crossing obstacles etc.

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    Am I the only one that has an allergy to oversized actions?
    My first choice would be a Sako of some type with the right sized action. Alternatively the CZ 527.
    Then Rem 700 or Tikka 595. All depending on budget of course.

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    sako 85 has a short action and pin point accurate well built rifles

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