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Thread: First Buck Head Help - Lincolnshire

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    First Buck Head Help - Lincolnshire

    Good evening,

    I shot my first Roe Buck yesterday, a nice 4 pointer.

    I am looking to do a skull mount.

    I intend to skin the head tomorrow and freeze, I am then on honeymoon and away for a bit so it will be a few weeks before I get round to it. Is there anything special I need to do to freeze it?

    I understand the theory and have the means to boil (an electric hob and a large pan I use for fishing bait so as to not annoy the wife!) but don't have a saw and guide to do the cut.

    Is there anyone in Lincolnshire (I am near Sleaford) who has a guide and saw that would be willing to help me - I have no problem buying the kit and muddling through if needed but I don't really want to mess up my first one, any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    skin and freeze it will be fine sort it out when you get back ,one bit off advice stay of the stalking directory when you are on honey moon or it might be a quick turn around LOL

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    Berg, true - but it would be starting as I mean to go on!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by karlbird View Post
    Berg, true - but it would be starting as I mean to go on!!
    if you are passing kings lynn ever I have the saw and guide and will show you if that's any help.

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    Thanks Shrek, if there is no one more local I may take you up, my wife works in Bury so could combine something.

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