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Thread: FAC Wording Interpretation

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    FAC Wording Interpretation

    Well the good news is I got my FAC back from a 1:1 variation, removing a .22LR and adding a slot for .243. As such I now have a FAC for .17HMR and .243.

    Posted 1:1 forms on the 9th of January, so not a bad turn around by Sussex.

    I originally applied for the variation for the .243 so I could get a centre fire suitable for both foxing and deer. Sussex police, my licensing authority, did not have a problem for a .243 for foxing but ask me to attend a DSC1 for the deer option.

    (Something I was not bothered about as I always intended doing a DSC at some point, along with some hands on mentoring.)

    My FAC has today come back with the additional conditions worded as such:

    5. The (I) .17HMR CZ Rifle and sound Moderator (IIb & IIb) .243 rifle and sound moderator and ammunition shall be used for shooting (I) Vermin & Fox (IIa) Fox (IIb) Deer whilst attending a DSC Level 1 course at (the name of the centre I am attending in March) and for zeroing on ranges, or land deemed suitable by the chief constable of police for the area where the land is situated and over which the holder has lawful authority to shoot.

    6. The certificate holder may posses, purchase or acquire expanding ammo, or the missiles of such ammo, in the calibres authorised by this certificate and use only in connection with (a) the lawful shooting of deer (b) the shooting of vermin or, in connection with the management of any estate, other wildlife.
    As I read it:
    .17HMR is fine for Vermin and Fox
    .243 is fine for Fox

    I, once I have completed the DSC1, can then apply for my ticket to be revised to cover deer on my permissions.

    This is not an open ticket

    Does that sound about right?


    PS, trip planned to Sportsman in Exeter on Saterday, could be expensive!

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    sounds about right to me,
    your lucky mate, thames valley police have been doing my fac renewal and a variation for nearing six months now, still they have now said it'll be here by the weekend, hopefully there won't be any mistakes this time and i wont have to send it back so they can correct it, fingers crossed.

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    I suspect that the codition is unlawful. The more people that let them get away with imposing such conditions the easier it will be for them to impose them in the future. If you have land on which you can shoot deer then you should be granted a variation for that purpose. What this condition is effectively doing is making the aquisition of DSC1 an essential precursor to the grant of an variation of the FAC for deer stalking. It is not compulsory and if you are a member of BASC i would get them involved ASAP. The sooner this kind of nonsense from forces stops the better. BTW mate this is no refelction on you whatsoever, its the bl***y cpos that p**s me off.



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    I agree, there is nothing in Home Office guidelines that requires the gaining of DSC as a condition of granting any rifle on your FAC for deer and we should avoid any such attempts as they will make the possession of DSC1 de facto a condition of having a deer calibre.

    It is a Chief Constable's condition and as such I believe not technically enforceable in law.

    No one is suggesting you go on a fox course to use the same weapon on foxes!

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    Sanders that is defo 1 for BASC mate. It indeed isnt an open ticket and you can only shoot deer whilst doing your level 1!!!! That itself is a feet as you dont actually stalk live animals when you sit the test! My ticket is my 1st and have held it for a year it was open from the outset! I had my permission plus let and INVITE days on the form when I applied. There is also a codition that the land must be deemed suitable by the chief!! Does this mean you must ask every time you go somewhere that the land is suitable?? As all the other posts are saying its a crock o sh@@e and the part regarding the level 1 shows how little they know. All the best for the future.

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    Have to say Sanders I agree with the other postings. Level I is not a requirement YET!! It would seem that your Chief constable has tied you up like a kipper.

    What if you have an invite from a professional stalker to go stalking in his/her company To have a named piece of ground just to take Level 1 is cobblers mate. And unworkable for you, how can you gain experience.

    If you would care to PM me sometime I can see about taking you out for a Roe Buck on a small piece I have in West Sussex, no charge. But I would ring Sussex back and get the condition on the 243 changed. If I can help you I will Its up to you.

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    is there a comma between (IIb) Deer AND whilst?


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    can i just make this suggestion, ring your FLO just to query this as they may hav made a mistake, before you do anything to drastic as a good relationship with your FLO will reap benifits but if they haven't seek some proffensional advice as this is does not seem right

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    Thanks for the input guys, I am down in devon at the moment on a ropey 3g mobile connection but I have contacted BASC about this and another issue I have just discovered.

    I will post more details tomrrow when I can find a spot with a faster connection. Suffice it to say, BASC have some ideas.


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    stone is right

    Yes he is. It may have been a typo where that crucial comma is missed. Give them a call before putting big wheels in action.

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