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Thread: Haunted hotel in Minehead.

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    Haunted hotel in Minehead.

    A friend has relayed a very interesting story to me today which I thought I would share with you.

    He has recently stayed in the Dragon Hotel in Minehead for a couple of nights. He is amongst other things a part time actor and was filming around the Minehead area and stayed at the Hotel with three other people who were also involved in filming. His accommodation was the Wisteria cottage which is a small cottage which forms part of the hotel, this cottage has its own courtyard and is reputed to be around 300 years old.

    As my friend relayed his story back to me, he was allocated the main part of the cottage to himself, which he was quite pleased with! One of his friends ( female) had a split dual room bedroom and a bathroom which was adjoining the cottage,
    whilst his other two female companions had rooms in the main part of the hotel.

    On the first night he was in bed at around 1am, he was awake and reading a book when he heard the sound of children playing outside. Apparently he could hear children laughing and a sound similar to wooden sticks knocking against each other whilst the children were laughing and playing and also sounds of running around. The laughing was coming directly from the courtyard in front of the cottage. He said his first thought was... "great! I've got a family with kids running around at all hours- as neighbours!"

    He went down to investigate but on opening the front door of the cottage the noise had stopped, he said that he had assumed the children had been called in or told to be quiet at that point. He went back inside and got back into bed. He had finished with the book for the night so decided to get some sleep. As his head hit the pillow the sound of the children started again!.. Getting a bit annoyed now he again went down to investigate .. Again... No children outside and the noise had stopped. Feeling decidedly uneasy now he again returned to bed only for the noise to start again.
    He said he did not go out to investigate again as by now he was more than a bit uneasy about the whole thing. He finally dropped off to sleep at around 5am after hearing the sounds of children playing on and off for most of the night!... He had tried to ring one female friend staying nearest to him during the night but had no mobile phone reception at all. ( I am assuming there was no main phone in his room- I forgot to ask)

    My friend awoke early at about 7am the following morning , he showered and went to the dining room in the main part of the hotel to meet his companions for breakfast for 7.30am. He relayed his story back to two of them who incidentally had heard nothing throughout the night, they had rooms the main part of the hotel and were quite taken aback by his story.

    A short while later his other female friend arrived looking rather ashen faced and visibly disturbed. without having heard my friends story, she proceeded to relay a very similar account back, having heard children laughing and playing for most of the night... She also relayed that her accommodation (near to my friends) had and adjoining room, and that the door had opened between this room and her bedroom three times during the night!.. on every occasion she got up to close the door and after a while it would open again - seemingly all of its own accord!!. She was so taken aback and frightened by all this that she took bedding and a pillow off the bed and locked herself in the bathroom and slept there for half the night!

    They relayed their stories back to the hotel staff who admitted that they had heard of the odd occasion when guests had also said they had heard very similar things. The staff also relayed a story back to them whereby many many years ago, a wall had apparently collapsed in the courtyard, killing several children who were playing there at the time. Both my friend and his companion asked to be moved to the main hotel where thankfully they heard nothing further!

    My friend was really quite shaken by this experience and admitted that prior to this he did not believe in ghosts or anything relating to something like this.

    I would be very interested to hear of any similar experiences if you would care to share them.

    Many thanks.
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    Oooooh, would get your nether regions twitching, specially after hearing the story of the accident!

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    See I am not one for believing in ghosts.

    However there have been people whom I have met over the years and even some I am very good friends with who have told me various stories.
    Now these people are the sort that would lie to me.
    In fact knowing them as I do I know it would be beyond them to spin a yearn so to speak.

    So that leaves only two conclusions.
    1) There realy are ghosts of some sort
    2) There was some unexplained phenomenon. Wind blowing or such.

    However knowing the stories they have told me I fail to see how the wind or anything else could have caused them.

    Children laughing, I don't think that would bother me - the door opening on its own, id be outa there!

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    Very interesting story there and I would spend the night there, I find this kind of stuff fascinating along with cryptozoology.

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    Well just to add to the ambiance. A good friend of mine lived in an old cottage, don't know how old but probably over 200 years. Now before I go any farther I must point out that I had definitely had a drink, quite a bit as was our want. Enough to be merry but definitely not staggering around, well maybe a little.
    anyways I goes off for a jimmy riddle in the room which happens to be next to the kitchen. I feels the back of my hairs stand up like some one is watching me. So I say, do you mind I'm trying to have a pee, and the feeling passed. I went back to the sitting room and mentioned it to my mate who said there was a ghost of a young boy that was a bit mischievous at times and he sometimes caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of his eye.

    about a minute later the washing machine drum turned over a few times and stopped. I wandered into the kitchen seeing at it was rather late. Washing machine was in the kitchen by the way. Now, the funniest thing here was that the plug wasn't in the socket. I checked and my mate isn't one to play practical jokes.
    i have no idea what it was but it definitely wasn't me or him and I never saw his dog operate the washing machine either.
    so whether it was me being as pished as a parrot or real? Well, who knows. But I was chuffed to bits. Never experienced anything like that before or since.
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    grew up in the boonies in the area where my dad was raised, mom was is from an area that made our area look like a big city.... no end to the stories of haunts and strange things happening... We were always told that as long as we had a clear concience, the bad ones wouldn't bother us and the good ones would watch over us..... I still believe that.... If you think there isn't anything supernatural (lack of better words?).... just slow down and watch life a little.... Ever wonder who/what a baby is laughing and playing with when there is obviously nothing there... Or a dog walks up to something (??) and starts wagging it's tail when nothing is there???

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    very interesting story indeed, we went to Italy a few years back and booked and old farm house in the hills away from everything on arrival it was very nice indeed and we where met by the couple who owned the house and they spoke about it being an old nights lodge from many moons ago. we were staying with family and picked the downstairs for our retreat got our gear stowed away and headed off out, the first night after a bit of vino i headed off to bed and went out like a light the wife came in later and started her book, after a while drifted off to be awoken by feeling like she was being dragged by the ankles out of bed turned the light on and the walls were covered in blood with the telly crackling away on that grey screen she tried to scream but couldn't. in the end she managed to wake me and sat up terrified, now my wife does not tell stories or believe in this sort of stuff and if you met her you would understand.
    she would not sleep in the room that week and was convinced it was haunted and it really scared her, i obviously laughed at her telling her she was stupid until we went to leave and having to phone the lady to ask where the book was to fill in on our fantastic week all be it sarah's sleeping trauma which we would not mention that bit the lady said she doesn't give out the book till leaving and when she brought it we understood why, every person staying in that same room had the same experience of blood spattered walls and a feeling of being hauled out of bed. it actually gave goose bumps to read peoples troubles, we thanked her for her hospitality and left we go to italy every year but never stayed there again,lol
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    I hade a very interesting night at the Butchers Arms in Devon before it closed and I'm sure it had nothing to with the beer.

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    more stories please - I'm enjoying these!

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    Come on Lads you will be telling us you see Large Cats when you are out Stalking next .
    The best Ghost repellent is a Camera because none have been caught on Film yet.


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