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Thread: Scope mount screws

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    Scope mount screws

    A couple of the screws on a scope mount are going a bit "mushy" where the allen key fits in.
    It's the screws that hold the top half of the mount to the yoke underneath,sorry I don't know the mounts make.
    I don't know the thread but the allen size is 2.5mm.

    Anyone know where to source some good replacements?.

    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    A decent fastener shop, who will be able to tell you what thread they are, and supply new ones.
    Locally I use Industrial Fixings in Southend : South Essex Fasteners Ltd
    Must be something similar round your way.
    Failing that maybe a local engineering firm could measure them to see just what they are.


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    On the advice of a friend, I contacted The Shooting Shed.
    David there sorted me a set of stainless screws, even machining the heads for a perfect fit in my Optilocks.
    A forever fix.

    Thanks very much to David and Christel, they are both shooters and know their stuff.
    Great service, nice people.

    Shooting SHED
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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