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Thread: Blazer R93 Professional

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    Blazer R93 Professional

    A good buddy of mine at our local gun shop called me to say he had just taken in a mint condition-as new R93 professional in 308, with a 222 spare barrel, New T8 & Swarovski 50mm Z6i variable on it at a good price.

    Now myself smelling a deal on how to get a free Z6i by just replacing it with one of my older Swarovski PV's & re floggiong the rifle on at more money seemed like a good plan.

    Until I made the fatal mistake of going to take a look at the rifle, once I had hold of the bloody thing I just did not feel that I wanted to put it down!

    Quick call to to the friendly FLO to just try to talk him around to how to justify a 4th deer legal centerfire & the variation letter request is in the post!

    I just knew I should not have looked at it or picked it up in the shop, I have had quite a few europian guests over with them & to be honest just always felt they were expensive & a bit of an aquired taste, but now having had a good look at one they seem to stick to your bloody hands!

    Regs Lee

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    Come on then Lee, how much lighter is your bank account now

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    welcome to the master race 8)

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    Best rifle I've ever owned so I bought two!

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    That sounded like a wizzard wheeze when you explained it to me on Monday - now here we are five days later and it's all got to pot


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    Let us know how you get on with it Lee. Been umming and ahhing about a Blaser since handling one last year.
    - Craig

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    'Ow the other 'alf live


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    Mate the other half have to work like dogs buddy you know that!

    Its on the bottom shelf at the back of the safe in the shop at the moment & by the time the variation is granted I hope to have saved enough to splash out on it.



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    Don't agree with your theory. Best to go back to your original plan. Put your scope on the original rifle as planned and list the blazer. Please,

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    Boys and theyre toys eh Lee

    Ill have to come up and take a look mate..

    Are you going to the meet up organised by Kevin F ?



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