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Thread: Rifles ammo & aircraft

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    Rifles ammo & aircraft

    A mate of mine is flying down in a couple of weeks time to do some stalking. He has booked his ticket with an airline that permits firearms and has an aircraft approved gun case. However what is the score ref. ammo and containers. Can anyone give me links to approved containers and any advice.


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    who's he flying with?

    Best thing to do is get on to their website and see what the airline specify.

    Most of them will want the ammo kept in a wood, metal or fireboard lockable container.

    If that's the case the best thing to do is buy a lockable metal petty cash box from a stationers and you're sorted.


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    After finding so many different ways the airlines interpret or make up their own rules I have now started using a small red metal cash box bought for 3.99 from Staples.
    It is capable of holding fifty 30-06 bullets with a bit of styrene packing to stop it rattling and that goes in my 'Hold' luggage and for the last four trips since November have had no problems.

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    One of those reasons why sometimes a bog standard factory calibre chambered rifle is better than either a wildcat or a "rare breed"!

    On Eurostar for example firearms CAN travel but absolutely no ammunition. Odd. But there it is. So unless you have a friend over the Channel with spare cartridges for your 325 Wotitsname whe you arrive your stuck!

    Most will find out what is availbale off the shelf in France, buy a box of it here, and zero with it here. So, in theory, no further extensive sight adjustment is required.

    When they had their Paris branch you could drop your gun or guns in with Holland's at London or better Northolt and pick it up in Paris a week or so later. And not too expensive either.

    If he can't take loaded rounds does he reload? Maybe just bring the bullets with him and send down to you his dies and unprimed cases? Then he can load up his own recipe when he gets to your place. If you have a press, primers and powder he can beg!

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    I brought a surplus linked belt 7.62 tin and pianted it silver. I put my ammunition in factory packaging and my cleaning stuff and the bolt in the tin and packed the tin in the middle of my case and that's how I carried it to the US in 2003 however different airlines have different ideas. I found it pays to check even though I was traveling through Gatwick the girls at Delta's desk didn't know how to deal with it but as I had checked about 10 days before traveling we got it all sorted so on the actual day of travel it went very smoothly.

    In fact got preferntial treatment whisked through the queue to my personal "handler" however if we had not sorted out the procedure first it might have been different indeed. Hope it all goes smoothly for him.

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    As others have said a lockable cash box seems to meet the requirements of every airline, though it is worth checking. I got one slightly too big for my ammo but my camera and binos are a nice tight fit in it along with the ammo. That gives them a bit of extra protection in transit as I just can't work out how the baggage handlers destroy the things they do, I couldn't manage it with a box of power tools and half an hour to plan my rampage. It must be said that after some encouragement from folks on here, especially claret dabbler, I've been travelling by air with rifle and ammo for a while now and never had any problems. Most airlines want you to take up as little of their time as possible so if you have followed the guidelines on their web site (print it out and carry a copy with you in case you encounter the jobsworth) they just want you checked in and out of their way. The other thing is that every airport has a different system for dealing with the details and they seem to change this for every flight, I suspect this is by management incompetence rather than design, so don't assume they will want you to do the same thing coming back as going.

    One thing is that on arrival they will bring the rifle to you and hand it over, it will not come with the other baggage. Sometimes this is faster than the other baggage, sometimes it is slower and sometimes you have to hunt around the handling agent desks to find who has your rifle. This can all take a little while, the max for me was probably an extra 20 minutes or half hour, so that does have some implications if you are catching another flight.

    So, basically it is a case of common sense and a bit of research in advance.

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    Another vote for the cheap cash box. One word of advice:-

    Put it near the top of the holdall or suitcase, as some airlines like it to travel separate to your bag, others like it within your bag. Seems to depend on who checks you in, what they had for breakfast and which way the wind is blowing. In other words it's total guesswork.
    All the best,

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    I think he's flying with Ryan Air, some good information mentioned will pass it on.

    Many thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remington 700
    I think he's flying with Ryan Air, some good information mentioned will pass it on.

    Many thanks
    Tell him to forget it. Ryan Air will NOT carry firearms under any circumstances, you might slow them down for 30 seconds.

    Book another airline.

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    Just checked he's flying with easy jet.

    Once again thanks all.

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