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    I was out yesterday for a buck after a long look in a young plantation and no deer seen I decided to venture on up on the hill ground I parked the pickup and let the HWV out the back ,I then poured myself a coffee from the flask and had a spy and was sure I caught a movement 400 - 500 yds away , I then ditched the coffee loaded the rifle and had another spy ,this time I spotted what looked like a pair of antlers moving along a ditch 500 yds away . All I could see occasionally was the antlers and it was moving right to left downwind I thought another minute or so and the buck would scent me so I set off along a track then down a thin hedgerow ,halfway down the hedgerow the buck had climbed out the ditch and was walking towards me across a newly sown field the wheat was about 8 inches or so I got down on my knees and slowly shuffled back towards the hedgerow once my arse was planked on the slope of the hedgerow I realised I had left the dog lying in the wheat about 20 yds to my right and 200yds to the bucks left the buck by now was coming straight towards me at a slow canter I then realised it was the dog he was heading for by now he was 70 yds off I gave him a whistle he stoped and fell dead with a neck shot, ive never had this happen before .
    Tommorrow I am siting the dog in the middle of the field and climbing into a highseat haha. Anyone had a buck attracted to their dog before.

    Every dog deserves a well trained owner

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    A picture says a thousand words with write ups!! Best see a pic of the dog!! Obviously something the roe found attractive or just coincidence. On a serious note never had it happen but my munsters are dark so the only thing they would attract is a melanistic fallow buck! A HWV is quite similar in colour to a summer roe.....

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    My Hungarian Wirehaired Viszla I Has a really Shaggy blondeish ginger coat I will get my daughter to put up a pic or two as I am absolutely hopeless with technology . Ps she is the dog in the avatar thingy.

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    i have shot a few fallow bucks who came for a closer look at the dog

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    I go out with my cockers and occasionally they draw attention, and never seem to spook strangely enough.


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    That's not a HWV, it's a 'Buck-tolling-retriever' if ever I saw one

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    I've had a muntjac buck come over quite a distance after spotting my chocolate cocker and another time I had a roe doe walk in towards me a mate and both my cockers from at least 100 yards after fixing a look at my little white cocker it was late afternoon very dark I shot the doe at no more than 25yards I thought the doe wasn't going to stop. Bazil

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    I had a buck that came running in across open ground when it saw my dog, a ginger HWV, I let the side down though by clanging the sticks together as I set up for the shot. That made the buck slam his anchors on and then make a rapid departure! He ran in from 250 yards away to about 100 when I spooked him.

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    I can see the add now Buck Tolling Retreiver pups for sale Ha Ha . Love it

    Every dog deserves a well trained owner

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    Earlier this year I tried to stalk a bunch of fallow which would graze in the middle of a 60 acre field every time i crept along the hedge or through the woods surrounding it they would take off to the other end. Finally got one by making sure they could see me and the dog walking around the edge obviously thought I was a dog walker and no danger. Sat down played with the dog and after 5 minutes they ambled about heads down grazing and I was able to take a prone shot at 140 m.
    So there is more than one way to stalk- next time I will take a flask,sandwiches and picnic table!

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