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Thread: Don't laugh! ��

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    Don't laugh! ��

    My children have been given three guinea pigs, they were in another part of the gardens and Bertie our 12month Hwv has gone slightly obsessed. He was climbing a chest high fence to get to them, repeatedly. When he would normally stay put. So I moved them into the same area just to stop him hanging himself. When he's let out there he is straight to them and quivering with excitement. And he won't focus on anything else. He would be there all day if allowed. On a walk he's fine, walking away he's at heal, facing home he's off, all training has gone. He also seems so excited he is not relieving himself until walked, urine and faeces. I have said we need to rehome them immediately but my wife wants to wait a week. Will this ruin him in any way? Will he settle? Don't. Laugh!!
    Regards Karamoja

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    Dog should do as he is told NO is no, not maybe. A bit of a sensory overload for him to much too young.

    Better dog trainers on here will give advise but the fact he has forgotten all training with the excitement is not good, hopefully only a temporary set back

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    He will get used to them so long as your response to his obsession doesn't encourage him. We have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is completely trustworthy around any domestic livestock including guinea pigs roaming around his garden. When he was younger he used to follow them and nudge their bottoms as he seemed to enjoy recycling their waste.

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