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Thread: The fun begins

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    The fun begins

    I have just picked up a HWV from Cardiff and she is 16 weeks old. It;s been quite a few years since I have owned a dog so let the fun begin.

    I have named her Rusa after the Rusa deer on the islands of Java.

    ATB Paul

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    lovely pup mate , good luck with the training. iv,e been thinking of getting a gwp but they seem to be a bit thin on the ground in n.ireland

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    Thanks for that. I know of a lot of people with GWPs and they work well. Good hunting.

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    I wish you all the best mate thats a nice looking puppy .my HWV is getting to the end of his working days and if you get half the fun and commitment i have had you will be onto a real winner.

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    Who was it said only wimmi'n could get broody PS, I think I'm going to have to print that pic of the box.

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    My HWV looks like a hairy goat on comparison to yours

    Good Looker but where is the wire hair?


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    I think I can safely say my HWV is at the other end of the hairy scale.

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    Don't worry pw the wire will come and we need to keep it to what the standard is and that is wire haired not woolly or long. The problem is to many woolys still come out of this breed and to many smoothies so it is very hard to pic a pup from a litter. My advice would always be pic the smooth pup with the slightest of wire just noticeable on the face he should be whats required.

    This is what a wire viz should look like

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    Mudman get that pour bugger stripped out he will look real smart and feel better in his self and carry less parasites in the summer Nice dog mate

    I am sure he would have only found one had i not stripped him out

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    Hi all this is my bitch amber at 12 week 8 month old and at 18 month old note the change in her coat.. [img] [/img] [img][/img]

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