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Thread: Full length over barrel mods, possible anglo custom? Anyone had one?

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    Full length over barrel mods, possible anglo custom? Anyone had one?

    The title says it all..

    I remember a few years back at the CLA on the anglo custom stand, they had a full bore rifle mod, which went from muzzle, all the way back to the recoil lug and was about 1'' in diameter.. Designed to keep the balance of the rifle right without adding length or a lump in one place. Can anyone remember what they were called and who made them, did anyone have one? And if so, what were they like?

    I remember thinking for a stalking rifle, they were a good idea, where you wouldnt be having multiple shots etc. My only concern was that the outside of the barrel formed part of the mod, meaning hot gasses being pushed over your unprotected barrel. I wondered if the mod was removable easily and therefore, residue could be cleaned from the barrel surface?

    Or did i imagine the whole concept?!

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    You didn't imagine it , I've seen one to, generally had a very short barrel inside , some even turned full power ammo subsonic apparently?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Thats interesting.. although i cant exactly see it making something subsonic unless its close to the transonic range anyways.. Interesting concept.. Can you remember any more details?

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    There's a write up on a similar set up in this months Shooting Sports Magazine. Made to order by JMS Arms. Looks good.

    And short is right - 6.5x47 with a .....14" barrel. An MAE mod goes back to the lug and keeps the length down to 40"

    Takes a big whack off the MV tho'

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    MAE do two types (at least) type one is mainly used on rimfires and does cut velocity, i.e. .22 subs down to around 850fps.
    Also used on HM2 again velocity comes down to around 1500 fps from memory, both are ported barrels, below is the HM2 I used to have.

    It is also done without the porting, and these do not reduce velocity, past what the shorter barrel is responsible anyway.
    It is a custom job so the barrel length is your choice, short or long, you choose.


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    Just been reading the MAE website and see they were saying between 17 and 20 inches for barrel length, is this because the mod adds to the barrel length? I wouldn't want to sacrifice 4" of barrel or more for that I don't think and wouldn't go ported if it was going to reduce velocity further..

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    thanks pnse. will give them a buzz. be interesting to see the construction of the mod

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    Just been reading about specialist rifle services on a review page. Anyone had one of these integral mods? Is it the same principal as Hornet 6's? On the review they talk about porting the barrel to allow gasses to exhaust, i imagine its the muzzle end of the barrel where this is done, but it wasnt that clear. Anyone shed any light?

    I like the integral mod idea, possibly in something like titanium to keep it as light as possible, which needs to be removable for barrel cleaning but i dont want to suffer degraded performance if the velocity is going to drop.. Also would be good to see how effective it is with the normal deer stalking calibres such as .270 and .308.

    Gun reviews: Steve Bowers Custom .224 rifle review - Shooting UK

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    Following this thread with great interest, I am interested in a full length moderator for my 22 hornet. I'm going to ask my local gunsmith (who happens to be a first class engineer) what he can do for me. I will let you know what he says.

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