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Thread: One piece 34mm mount pointers?

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    One piece 34mm mount pointers?

    Hi Folks,

    Can anyone suggest a good quality 34MM one piece medium height 56mm objective Quick release mount to go onto a Tikka T3 with a weaver rail

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    Third eye tactical unimount would work

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    Third Eye Tactical without a second consideration. You should be fine with the medium mount on a T3. Anything with a rail down the barrel will need the high for 56mm objective.

    Quality kit, really solid and a built-in anti cant bubble. Decent chaps making it too.


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    Thanks for the input guys but I'm looking for something Quick release with clamps etc

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    I've got a spuhr 34mm one piece mount, they're not cheap but they are very very well made. I've had a third eye unimount and it is really is a massive step up from one of those.

    I believe they do do a quick release clamp version, depending on what you're after it might suit.

    Mine is a low one, but they do them in all sorts of different heights and has attachments for pretty much anything you can think of (ACI, red dot, thermal etc etc).

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    I would look at LaRue Tactical for a 34mm one piece QR mount.

    I don't think that Spuhr do a QR mount

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    They did do a cantilever mount version, I presumed sphur still did it, guess they could have stopped

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    Why does it need to be quick release?

    All a good picatinny setup needs is a torque wrench at most. I will also note that spuhr are a true one piece construction and the only mount I would consider.
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