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Thread: Shooting Jackets

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    Shooting Jackets

    OK we all call the shooting press for not giveing us the information on products that need. So lets do it ourself tell every one what jackets you have and the good and bad points . Please do Not say yours is the best just what is good or bad.

    Musto Highland
    Medium thickness jacket,good water protection apart from Neck .
    First jacket was six months old when the pilling on the shell got so bad i sent it back.
    Musto replaced it.
    Replacement was six months old when same happened .
    Musto would not replace and said it was not detromental to the jacket[although i thought it spoiled the look of a £300 jacket]
    Jacket is 15 years old and still looks the same as at six months old.
    A year ago a presstud fell off [ sent back to musto for repair cost P&P only]

    Summery:- good jacket, well made and 8/10 for service, more driven shooting than stalking.

    Harkila Pro-Hunter
    3 years old lots of pockets and adjustments
    thin gortex jacket with hood very good water protection
    looks like new[no problems also use for fishing]

    Summery:- Also good jacket,as well made as Musto, Not needed aftersales, Good for anything jacket .

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    Swanndri original
    Good points
    great colour
    Good over wide range of temperatures
    utterly indestructible
    integral hood
    They arent available in realtree type colours so you dont end up looking like a tit

    Bad points
    can be a drag to put on as no zip
    You seem to stay dry if you keep the coat on , I suspect your body heat drives the moisture out, however once they get wet they stay wet and can take a while to dry.
    I think they are no longer made in NZ but in China

    Im thinking aboout a Swazi tahr as a replacement coat anybody got any experience?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Humphrey
    Im thinking aboout a Swazi tahr as a replacement coat anybody got any experience?
    Hi Humphrey

    I have a Swazi Wapiti coat, it is a well designed and made coat. Probably the best designed coat I ever had. I have owned it a couple of years so not long enough to tell how well it will last, but they come highly recommended. It is a bit thin with little insulation which is good for spring, autumn use, but if it is really cold you need a fleece underneath for warmth.

    I prefer this as warm wet weather almost seems the normí as late.


    (formally known as Bambi Basher)

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    I use a now sadly discontinued Husky jacket. Must have had it 15 or 20 years, no longer waterproof but had stood the test of time pretty well. Still looks good.

    Kammo. I use this jacket in wet weather. Had it about 5/6 years very waterproof, one hold open strip has ripped off but other than that it has been fine. It has a synthetic fur lining, in anything but the coldest weater it gets very hot. the shoulder straps that are inbuilt (allows you to wear it like a rucsack when warm at the base of a hill and like a coat when cold at the top) are used quite regularly.


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    Carl Gustaf

    Shooting Jackets

    Same as but I have the Kammo Winchester that has the synthetic liner and breathable webbing thingy stuff. Very good, plus the company are very happy to listen to their customers feed back and ideas on improving the range of equipment. I'm a big fan, brought the gaiters and the roe sack. Its nice to support small British companies me thinks.

    The Musto shooting fleece in also brilliant, my Jack Russell chewed the zip of my first jacket, I asked Musto if they could repair it. They couldn't so replaced it with a brand new jacket!

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    A Deerhunter fleece type jacket, from the Midland Gamefair about 10 years ago, used all the time, and still as waterproof as the day I got it.

    Good Points:

    Bad Points:
    Inner pocket ripped
    Really needs a wash

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    I have a Deerhunter Ram in Realtree timber, it has a fold away waterproof seat on it, you look like a beaver when it is down, can I say that? Anyway, had it about five yaers, treated it miserably and it still perfoms wonderfully. It has kept me warm and dry in the worst the Highlands can throw at me.

    I also got one of those JahtiJakt suit that have been in the shooting press lately. Impressed with that, the Jacket and fleece are quite acceptable for public consuption.


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    shooting jackets

    up here in the highlands the weather can change every ten mins ,i personaly use a paramo cascada jacket it is used by mountain walkers,it is 100%waterproof it is as light as a the winter months i use a buffalo shirt it is worn next to the skin so as to work as a wicking garment

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    For a wicking garment the best material is general considered to be merino wool, this has natural anti-bacterial properties, ideal if you are hunt abroad were you might be away from home comforts, showers/change of clothes ect. Not cheap, but a mate of mine imports them in from N.Z.


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    There is a bewildering amount of hunting clothes on the market these days, many claiming to be ultra silent, waterproof, windproof and scent locked. Most do not forfill the claims they make, and some are more in line with being fashionable in the right cammo and are better suited for fashion shows.

    I have tried a number of brands over the years but the one I have had the longest service from without a problem is a stealth cammo coat I bought from Cabelas about 8 years ago. The trousers are scent locked, (ha ha) but are the most comfortable trousers for stalking I have ever had. Unfortunatly the gear is getting a bit dog eared and it now lets in the water when you crawl. You lot know what I mean, wet elbows and knees. Last year I bought a two in one suit with detachable liner from Bass Pro whilst visiting the States, it is ok, but not a patch on the old one.

    This past year I had an American client who runs a TV cable company hunting in Scotland with me. Everything from the clothes to the scope on his rifle was subsidised by one company or another. His clothes where all made by Rivers West, it stated on them that it was completely H20 resistant, 100%.

    I have to tell you I have not laughed so much for a long time, after one day of Scottish West Coast rain, he looked like Sponge Bob Square pants, that stuff he was wearing soaked up more water than two Elephants at a waterhole could down in 2 hours. So there you have it, Rivers West only works with American rain, not Scottish.

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